Getting crumbs out of toaster

Valerie EmmerichOctober 11, 2013

I'm the kind of person who finds it unacceptable when the toaster has crumbs trapped in it :-) I can empty the little thing that captures some of the crumbs, but there's so much more still inside! Shaking it over the sink gets some out; I've also used a small baster to poke around inside and loosen the crumbs so they can be shook out. Any other ideas? It's a basic, 2-slice Krups toaster. Thanks!

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Does your husband have an air compressor? that would work great.

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Valerie Emmerich

You mean what you use for keyboards, etc? That's a great idea - thanks!

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Once in a while, I bite the bullet, pull the plug and shake mine outdoors. It thrills the birds in the winter!

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Never even thought of cleaning a toaster except for the usual, emptying the tray and shaking over the sink...and will not worry about anything further than that. If there are germs in there they are thoroughly baked. I even put buttered bread in mine occasionally.

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Since the toaster heats up, I think that would kill germs. I believe most or all bacteria are killed by temps over 140 degrees. The crumbs are unsightly,yes, but unless they get wet, I don't think they would rot or smell. But they are a fire hazard. So I would get rid of crumbs ASAP.

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I use a bottle brush, works like a charm, uhm don't forget to unplug it. Then I run it empty to burn anything else off !
This from a woman with a 48 year old toaster.


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I use a paint brush, reserved for kitchen use. A basting brush would work, too. Be careful to not snap one the the heating wires.

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