La Cornu Fe`-- $?

oruborisMay 22, 2007

Anyone heard a price on these yet? Best looking stove I've seen other than the other Cornus...

Pity it doesn't come in red or a dark blue.

I admire Purcell Murray [US importers] honesty in pricing the other units [some 'start' at $38,000] and no doubt it saves them a lot of trouble dealing with lookie lous, but I can't see any info on their site about the cheaper Fe`.

Here is a link that might be useful: CornuFe`

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Williams-Sonoma sells them. I thought in the store they are 7K plus another 1K for delivery, but the prices are higher online. Maybe I'm wrong...

Beautiful stove...


Here is a link that might be useful: Williams-Sonoma CornuFe

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I looked at them in Oregon and the pricing was comperable to a good Wolf (DF etc). All in all, after kicking a few tires (or doors) I prefered the Lacanche for sturdiness and safety (doors getting hot, etc). I also looked at a "real" La Corneau which was an entirely different experience obviously (lovely things, can't give a complaint about them if I tried) but $38K was a bit high for this remodel budget.

I went down to buy a Molteni, which are definately the same quality as a La Corneau (I'm spelling that wrong?) anyhoo, the Molteni was every bit as lovely, and I would have purchased that except that I hated the retailer I was going to deal with. Molteni is working to get into the consumer market, so curently their stoves are a "deal" in comparison to similar stoves at around $20,000 starting price. If that's in your budget area, I'd recommend them if you have a decent retailer to deal with.

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The CornuFé is in the fine line of all La Cornue: no plastic, little electronics, a simple range with a robust chassis.

The entry-level CornuFé beats Viking-Wolf-Dacor in performance and is a direct competitor to Lacanche and Molteni.

People who compare the Château line by La Cornue with any other brand have obviously no idea what they are talking about. Molteni does not even come close in terms of quality of manfacturing and cooking performance.

The patented La Cornue vaulted oven is simply amazing. Roasting in these ovens is a breeze and the result would put TurboChef to shame.

CornuFé retails for $8,000 approx without freight.

Good luck.

A Château owner

videos online of cornuFé:

Here is a link that might be useful: cornufe

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Sadly, my budget is more in the Bluestar range [Bluestar Range range?].

But it sounds like the Fe` is in [or just a little out] of that ballpark, and the Cornue dealer in Bozeman also sells Bluestar, so I may have to look a little closer. I've been planning on a Bluestar since forever, but I've never really like the look of them, and am starting to worry about the build quality.

I don't think there's a Molteni dealer in my area [probably not a real option anyway, given budget] but I agree about the importance of finding people you can really work with. I have to admit I haven't paid much attention to LaCanche after looking at the distributer's new website. I'm sure the stoves are great, but the website says buy one, and 'your caterer will thank you'. Unbelivable.

It used to be rather nice, now it oooooooozes pretension and preciousness at every turn. So French-ified I was tempted to rush down to Der Wienerschnitzel and surrender.

They've also eliminated the 'reserve' section, where you could browse stoves on hand or on the way. It was probably too 'off the rack' for the crowd they are focusing on these days...

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Oh I'd disagree with the thoughts on Lacanche. It's too bad the website is offputting to you. I flew down to see the Molteni and was sold on the Lacanche because of the people. They're lovely, down to earth, great folks. I would imagine they do focus on france...ummm cuz the stoves come from there :oP

They're also more in your price range (it sounds like) so I'd perhaps give that a rethink if the only worries are the website. They're definately not snobs. The molteni folks were (I went in with my baby and my mother and they completely ignored us, even after I'd made an appointment with them to discuss purchase. They didn't even bother to figure out what the stupid price was in advance of my visit, despite the fact that they knew I flew in from Alaska and then drove from Washington to Oregon to see them. (And by the way, ask a real chef...Molteni blows them all out of the water...even the Lacanche and CorneuFe. The only real competition for them is the La Cornue). You see Molteni's in chef's homes and restaurants, you see La Cornue in the homes of the rich :) But their lower end CornueFe is a nice piece. I would have looked deeper, but I didn't like the retailer (same as the Molteni for us). And as it turns out, Lacanche was the best product for us.

We decided to just drop by and quickly look at the Lacanche, while still considering a Molteni (but we were going to order direct out of New York). The lovely folks there spent hours with us, despite the fact that we had a little one running around with us. I was sold by that type of anti snobbery actually :) Verses the idiots selling Molteni in Oregon.

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oruboris - Lacanche still has the "Reserve" section on their website. They just call it "Early Arrivals" now. And I agree with igloochic, if you like the product don't let the website put you off.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reserve

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Glad to hear the company isn't as bad as the website would lead you to expect. I realize a lot of those -very- bad choices [all style, no substance] were probably made by the webdesigners and ad guys, though someone must have signed off on the final version, 'photos de famille' and all...

I'll try to wade through the ooze long enough to learn something about the products.

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oruboris, I understand that the CornuFe in the UK is offered in "Cabaret Red" but on the US site it is not...yet, but who knows in the future? I'd definitely be interested in this color, but equally as happy if I get black.

I have Purcell Murray's entire 8-part video presentation on my home-building website...I am THAT obsessed with the beautiful CornuFe and our new home won't even be completed until late 2008! :)

Also, I've heard from my local CornuFe vendor that they sell for $8k. Purcell Murray in N. California is about a 1 1/2 hour drive for me, so when the time comes to buy, I'll make a trip there for an actual cooking demonstration with the CornuFe. This won't be till next year, but I will post a review of my experience here to share with others.

Good luck no matter which range you decide to go with!


Here is a link that might be useful: CornuFe Video Collection

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I am purchasing LaCornuFe and Lielani has the correct price plus additional delivery cost.


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Hi Julie! Soooo...what color did you end up going with?


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Black with brass and satin chrome!! Sorry I did not respond busy with les enfants and planning a trip across the pond.


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C'est formidable, Julie! Il faut nous montrer les photos quand tout est fini, d'accord? Alors, bon voyage et a la prochaine!


"He pukoÂa kani Âaina."

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These stoves do come in a beautiful Burgundy color now! I am in love... they can do it with Copper trim which is spectacular. My husband and I are ordering one when we start our remodel this spring!

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We are thinking about getting a CornuFe because we love the look. We are serious home cooks and are wondering how it performs. Has any one used this range and if so, how do you like it?

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We are looking into a new stove. I love the look of the cornu fe (not commercial stainless steel) but can not find anyone who actually owns one and has cooked on it. It's a huge investment and without hearing any real reviews I am second guessing the purchase. Other option is to stay safe and go with the wolfe. Please help!!!!!!!!

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Officine Gullo ranges
This a great option to La Cornue, more powerful and actual professional grade with a life time warranty. Check it out!

Here is a link that might be useful: Officine Gullo

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Is the Gullo powerful enough to "properly cook" "Hormel's most known product?

Many of us here, do not care for "That Hormel Product", , "In the Raw".


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Hi Everybody,

I know I'm *years* late getting in on this conversation, but I stumbled across this thread researching stoves for my new kitchen. The main thing I am looking for is professional stove with an induction cooktop, but it has to be pretty -- like the molteni (which I can get as an induction model) but not plain like a viking.

So I have a couple of questions --

1. It's years later, igloochic which stove did you get and are you enjoying it?
2. Is there a professional stove that has an induction top that anyone would recommend. My price range is in the Le Corneau Fe range.

Thank you all for your thoughts.

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If you order a Viking in one of the many colors it comes in besides stainless, it will look anything but "plain"

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Thank you hytech42 for your comment.

The Viking is definitely on my short list because I can order it with an induction top, and, the price point is within my budget. We have a subzero frig now, and I love it! As long as we keep it serviced, it's the perfect appliance. I would recommend it to anyone considering purchasing a high-end frig.

Do you think I'll love the Viking as much? Have you seen the Molteni or any other professional range that you would suggest as a second choice?

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Never seen the Molteni in person, I'm sure it's a great range, butr pricey. For that reason you will have to look around a bit for customer feedback. I've linked a previous thread of someone looking for what you seem to want, unfortunately I think finding it in that price range will be difficult. Most of the stylish French ranges available in North America are gas only. I agree with you that the Viking is a pretty plain in the default stainless finish, but you can mitigate that with a cooler color like Apple Red or Cobalt Blue.

Here is a link that might be useful: French Induction Range?

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Hi jxa44, I wondered if you knew that Lacanche is about to offer an induction hob as one of their choices for the rangetop configuration? It has already been available across the pond, but I believe will be available for orders in the US after be first of the year. HTH!

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Hi Two Belles,

No, I didn't know that Lacanche is going to offer an induction top. That's great news! Thanx for passing along the info.

hvtech42, thanx for your comments too. That link you shared is awesome!

If I can't find what I want, I think I'll purchase the cooktop separate from the oven. But, before I do that, I think I'll get a Viking or La Cornue -- both have induction models. Although I'm not sure that the La Cornue's induction model is available here in The States (I've only seen it in pix).

If you own a professional stove, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the model you own. This is a big purchase for me, so I want to do as much research as possible.

Thanx again everybody.

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I was just looking at the Lacanche with the induction top -- and she sure is purdy! Anybody want to offer a guess as to what it might sell for in the US? Also, I read that some people believe that the Viking induction range may be short-lived (even though it seems to get good reviews). Anyone have any thoughts/news on that?

Off to dream of my new kitchen!


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You might want to look at the new Miele induction range. Just a thought.

I would be sure to read about Viking's service and quality control before going there. I've been getting rid of all the Viking stuff I had over 10 years now and it's been a huge improvement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yale Appliances Blog

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Have you checked with Purcell Murray on any US introduction of their induction options? They already market the induction options in both the La Cornue Chateau and CornuFe lines in Europe.

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Thanx for the suggestion of Miele. We have two Miele dishwashers, and I absolutely love them. The Miele and our Subzero are the best appliances I've *ever* purchased. But I have my hopes set on something other than stainless steel. I'm waffling on the Viking. It doesn't make sense to spend that kind of money for "pretty" when it doesn't meet my functional requirements.


I will call Purcell Murray tomorrow. I am simply drooling over both the La Cornue and Lacanhe (I love the looks of the Lacanche the best). I'll post whatever I find out -- just in case someone ese might be looking for the same information.

I appreciate all of your suggestions, and I love to do research, so keep your comments coming :)


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Viking has had mixed reviews overall, but people really seem to like the induction range in particular. As someone who normally advises to stay away from Viking, this is a piece I would give serious consideration to if it fit my budget.

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