Two steam convection ovens?

Beachcomber000May 21, 2013

Hi everyone. We're in the midst of planning to remodel our kitchen and would love some input from this group.

For those of you that have a steam convection oven, do you used it enough to warrant having a second combi too?

At the moment, we are planning to install Wolf's 30" double-wall ovens (new improved ones will be coming out in 2014) and Wolf's convection steam oven.

After reading so many glowing reviews on the combi oven, IâÂÂm questioning our original decision to purchase just one. From what IâÂÂve read, IâÂÂm guessing that we will be using the combi for most of our cooking. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen as my family has a gluten-free diet, and we cook most of our food from scratch.

IâÂÂm wondering if we might want to consider installing two combi steam ovens and maybe just one wall oven. We originally decided to forgo a warming drawer(s) so the additional wall oven could be used for that when necessary.

IâÂÂd prefer to not try to fit a fifth oven into our kitchen, as weâÂÂve already planned a new location in the kitchen for the existing microwave/convection oven which I could do without in a heartbeat -- but not the rest my family.

As the kids are moving out, three of us are at home now. We enjoy entertaining, and my family is large and holidays can bring 20-30+ relatives.

Thank you for any input you can give.

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If I read this right, you are talking about having 2 30 inch ovens and 1 combi oven, or 1 30 inch oven and 2 combi ovens. Not sure I can offer much help since I don't ever cook for 20 to 30, but here are my thoughts. One way to look at it is the combi is like a 4 door convertible, and the 30 inch wall oven is like a Suburban . With the Suburban, it will take a while to warm it up and get going, but you can pile a lot of stuff in it, so long as it is going the same direction. If one convertible has the top down, and you have some passengers that want AC, they won't want to go in that and will want to go in the other with the AC. Yeah bad analogy, but just trying to point out that if you have a 30 inch oven set at 350 you can basically stuff it full of food and it will cook fine. For the combi steam, if you are trying to steam one thing, and reheat something, and convection steam something - you really can't put all three things in the combi at the same time and have them all come out well. So one way to look at it is to get two combis, so you can have them doing different functions, which would be a plus.. The other way to look at is that for big gatherings you will want to use regular ovens and put food in both of them and 2 30 inch regular ovens will probably hold 4 times as much food as a combi. While I do use my combi all the time, I just am not sure that having two of them would be all that great for large gatherings because the main benefit of the combi is pretty quick cooking, very fast warm up, so for weeknights it works great.. You won't have that much of an advantage for large gatherings since I assume you will have plenty time to warm up the ovens, and will probably be able to reheat some things. Can you live with just 2 30 inch wall ovens without a third oven? If so, then get 1 single 30 inch and 2 combis - you can cook some stuff ahead of time and reheat in one of the combi ( reheating is spectacular because it stays moist, and doesn't cool off as quick as with a microwave) and use the other combi to steam or steam convection, and use the 30 inch wall to cook conventionally. Even if you decide not to use the steam feature, then both combis can be used as convection ovens, so they basically stand in place of one 30 inch wall oven.

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I'm not gluten-free, but I am a dedicated home cook who makes almost everything from scratch and frequently cook for large groups, and I actually do have five ovens in my kitchen, and there's been a few occasions when they've all been going. Those include electric double ovens and a plumbed combi steam oven. I love my combi and would hate to be without it BUT the double ovens are far more a "need," with the combi-steam a "want," and I wouldn't even consider giving up the double ovens up for a second combi.

In fact, I can rarely think of an occasion when I'd even want a second steam oven, since things, by definition, cook quite quickly in them (not usually used for long roasts or braises). My primary use case for our combi-steam are: bread baking, defrosting, reheating, partial-steam roasting of (mostly) veggies and, of course, steaming.

Of course, that's my use-case, and yours may vary wildly. Only you know what you need and want, and what will, or won't, work for your specific needs and style, so my best advice is really trust your gut and don't let anyone talk you into, or out of, anything you really want simply because they think they know "what's best."

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