...thinking fall... and some new stuff to play with

milosmom_gwAugust 6, 2011

Don't thump me but it's so hot , I'm ready to think of something cooler.

God bless my neighbor (and brother to my best friend I lost recently). He is a major YS/FM shopper and does allot of buying/selling. It's not uncommon for him to pick up things he knows I love and today he called me to come up there. I went and he had gotton me the BIGGEST wreath I've ever seen.

He also came across a whole trash bag of the bead covered fruit in fall colors.. niiiice.

He also sent home with me a very neat wrought iron plant stand that I have some ideas for.

No pics as they are all work in progress.. lol

He sure knows how to encourage and enable my ability to get the brain going.

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Sounds like some good finds! Can't wait to see them.
The beaded fruit would make a great wreath for a Tgiving centerpiece.

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Wonderful...friends like that are definitely keepers! (another 'enabler!') LOL! Sounds like great finds! Lookin' forward to Fall (later please, even tho it's hot!) Jeanne S.

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Sounds like some fun decorating coming! This is what motivates us to move on with the seasons. Is your wreath already decorated? I love the bead covered fruit and use it in my decor and cp for added bling.

Tell him to keep up the good work!!!


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What a nice friend! How great that he looks for things he knows you would like while he's out shopping. Sounds like some really nice things for you to decorate with, I'll look forward to seeing them in your future posts. Luvs

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