How to Safely clean a fireclay sink? (Rohl Shaw)

barnfieldOctober 9, 2006

I've had a Rohl Shaw fireclay sink for about 4 months now, and darn it if the only way I can get that sucker clean on the bottom is SoftScrub w/Bleach. I hate to do it 'cause I know how harsh it is, but there it is.... somebody PLEASE tell me what else works!

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try a vinegar and baking soda paste..that is one expensive sink and I would call the manufacturer for explicit instructions.

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I use Scratch Free Comet, it has bleach. So far so good, after about 2 years.

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Hmmmm. What exactly is the problem? Staining or marks from pans? I have a Shaw's sink also (that I absolutely love). Every day after I do the dishes, I squirt a dollop of dish soap on my OCedar green scrubbie pad and swab over the sink surface and rinse it off with the sprayer and after three years it still looks absolutely white, shiny and brand new. Having said that, my husband washed up my canning kettle in the sink and it left what looks like a tiny pencil line in the bottom of the sink that I can't seem to get off even with cleanser. Not sure what to do to remove that!

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I replaced my Rohl (Allia) fireclay sink about 6 weeks ago. The first one had a crack (Which Rohl blamed on my contractor!). The first sink had been installed for about 5 months and I never seemed to have any staining. The new one started showing faint staining within one week. I wrote Rohl and they never responded. I only use dish soap to clean it, since I am afraid of damaging the finish. I know that there are products available for these sinks. I would be wary of SoftScrub, as it seemed to make my mother's new Kohler more susceptible to staining. I am going to the plumbing fixture showroom where I bought my sink to ask about products. Why should these be so much more trouble than the sinks of old? I will post if I get any really helpful information.

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My Shaws fireclay sink is about two years old. I've used softscrub (not with bleach) very gently and sparingly on it and lately I've noticed that the bottom of the sink seemed to get dirty quicker. When it's clean it looks as clean and shiny as new. But... something is different. Maybe the finish may not be as smooth as it used to be? I fear that I may have permanently damaged it, albeit not horribly.

Any ideas?

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