Why do my light switches, plug-in switches

lovemrmeweyOctober 22, 2013

show dust around them? It is really a problem; this house is dusty, I guess, but other than just cleaning, I don't know what to do about it. Why are some houses so full of dust? Any insight appreciated!

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I don't why it would affect the switches because the constant off and on with our fingers has to keep the switches free of dust. If you cook with a gas stove, there may be a coating of grease that makes the dust stick to the switches.

Mine home is not very dusty. It is only 8 years old so maybe the codes are stricter on new homes. I know for sure it helps to buy the 3 month filters for the furnace AND replace them every two months. I don't pay any attention to how often I dust, but I notice if I fail tor replace the filters at months.

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The amount of dust seen by a person will depend on their vision. Vision is different in every person from young to seniors, so, amount of dust seen will also vary. Aging eyes will see less dust than a younger person.

Take a look in the sun rays through a window and you will see dust particles by the millions, yet, house will not show much dust at all for a period of time. It will build up.

Light switches will collect dust in and around the area where a finger touches to turn lights on/off.

Carpets shed creating dust particles. Frequent vacuuming will help. Pets in a home will add their share. Humans also shed skin, etc into the air. Bare ground in the area will also add to the amount of dust, so will unpaved roads. Be sure and use a good filter in the A/C/heat unit and change on regular basis or it will recirculate dust particles.

Feather dusters and others only move dust around rather than removing. A microfiber cloth will attract dust particles for removal. A light spray of Endust, or other dusting spray on the microfiber cloth will remove more dust than just using a dry microfiber cloth.

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You must have forced hot air. That will make a house dustier, and it's as simple as dust lands on surfaces.

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