Anyone have a TINY (like 3'x6') powder room??

hlg222May 18, 2012

I am in the process of finishing my basement and will be adding a very small powder room - 3'x6' with a pocket door. I knew it was going to be tiny, but my contractor started to lay out the framing yesterday and I am sort of freaking out about how small it is now that I've seen the footprint. Does anyone have a similar-sized PR that they could share pictures of? I'm hoping that if I see that sized space finished it will assuage my concerns somewhat!

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Hi HLGI think mine is about that size and maybe even smaller on the length, pedestal sink on the right short wall and toilet opposing side with a window on one of the long walls and a pocket door on the other.

Taking a photo will be challenging but will try this weekend - suffice it to say that it works - I constantly covet normal sized powder rooms but this was squeezed into an old pantry space and there was absolutely no place else to put it on the first floor.

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Thanks! That would be awesome, and is the exact same layout as mine (not like there are a ton of options!). Making it any wider would make the new hallway into the new rec/tv room too narrow, but I'm hoping I'm not creating something none of my guests will use because they're too claustrophobic!

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I was wondering, did you 'rough in' the plumbing at the time of finishing your basement? Or was the plumbing already there before you began the project? The reason I ask is because a finished basement is in the future of my new build, but don't want to rough in plumbing in advance because I don't know where I want the powder room located. Thanks!

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No, I did not have the plumbing for the bathroom roughed in in advance - my house is old (1930s) and the basement was unfinished, though there was plumbing down there for W/D, utility sink, etc. I considered several locations for the powder room with my architect and contractor and we ultimately chose the area where the washer and dryer used to be as making the most sense from a layout perspective. They are just now starting the framing and will be starting the rough-in work next week.

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Mine is 3x7 (give or take an inch on the length) with an elongated toilet and full size vanity. I don't think it feels tight--it is a powder room afterall. At 6' length, I would go with a round front toilet and a pedestal sink with no more than 18" depth if possible. A space saver elongated toilet may also be an option but you would have to check the specs to be sure. Also, an 18" deep vanity would work as well space-wise (and it would give you more storage for a trashcan/cleaning supplies/extra paper products/extra soap, etc), but may give a more closed in feeling than a pedestal. Again, though, it is a powder room--it's not like anyone is trying to watch TV in there with friends. I would go for whichever design will give you the best function.

As posted above, getting a good pic in such a small space is's the best I could do with mine...

Hope this helps!

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I have a powder room that is narrower and longer. About 32 or 33" wide, but a little over 7' long, maybe 7'4" or so.

I added basic beadboard wainscot which actually narrows the room another inch or so. I always thought I'd upgrade the wainscot at a later date, but never bothered.

To open up the footprint visually, I put in a pedestal sink. For storage I added a 10" deep cabinet over the toilet.

We've had no issues over it being small or confining. People get in and get out.

Visually, the pedestal sink and the storage cabinet above the toilet work well.

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I have a tiny powder room. It won't give you any ideas because it is 19050's vintage but there is a toilet on one end and a sink on the other and a pocket door in the middle! From My Silly Little 1950's Green Powder Room From My Silly Little 1950's Green Powder Room

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We had one like that in our old house -- Not a problem, really.

This may sound counter-intuitive -- but paint or wallpaper in a rich, dark shade as opposed to something light. Deeper colors will be dramatic and eye-catching -- a 'jewel box'. Lighter colors will look like you wanted the room to look bigger (and failed)...

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Yes, we have one that size and painted the walls a rich, dark brown. I'm not one for dark paint colors in general, but it makes this tiny room look rich and more puposeful.

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Mine is only 4 x 4. I wanted to change, but decided to keep the new mudroom decent size. I agree with the dark colors. It is BM poppy red, floor to ceiling. Wood floors that continue from the hall, which helps the room look larger. will have a decolav 1461 vessel sink on a box mount (no legs). And, the toilet is a smaller one -- round (not elongated, but comfort height). Art work will look stunning. Company uses the current bathroom as is (unfinished) and so far, no complaints.

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Such a timely post. My powder room is 3 by 7. The door is in the middle , to the right is the pedestal sink (18 inches deep by 22 inches wide) and across from it is the toilet. I am thinking about updating it (it's 20 plus years old, and a pinkish beige). I have toyed with getting a small vanity because truthfully while I like the look and space of th epedestal sink, it would be nice to have a wee bit of storage.
I went to Lowe's yesterday and they had some very very nice small vanities (31 inches wide and under-). I am trying to decide if they could work in my space or if I just need to stick with a pedestal sink.In any case, it is a small room but it's not too small:)

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I have a 3 X 6 powder room, and until I read your post I didn't think it was tiny--or even small.

The floors are wood, continuing from the hall, and both the toilet (elongated) and vanity are wall hung. The vanity is 24in. wide X 15in. deep, so that helps to lighten the room visually.

I agree with what others say about a bold color. I used to have the room painted silver with rust overtones. Everyone used to comment on how cool and dramatic it was. But, I needed a change, and now I have a marble/glass basketweave tile on the wall behind the toilet.

Whatever you do, don't be afraid to do something bold and fun.

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My powder room is so tiny also and I am still trying to decide on a better paint color for my walls.

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My bathroom is 3 x 6 or 7 feet. Door on the side, vanity to the left and toilet (with elongated bowl) to the right. I was worried it might be too small but it seems just right. We did have the door open out.

I agree with painting the walls a darker color. Mine don't photograph dark but I used Baby Turtle, which is a warm brownish green color and seems darker because there's no natural light. We've also added large black and white photos with mahogany frames over the toilet and I really like the warm ORB finishes.

Vanity to the left of the door:

View into bathroom (before trim):

Toilet to the right (while under construction):

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Thanks, all - these are very helpful and I also saw a similar sized powder room on my neighborhood's home and garden tour over the weekend, so I think I am off the ledge. I'm going for an updated classic look to suit my 1930s bungalow and so I'm going to do a hex tile floor and have already chosen a very open pedestal sink (the Park Rounded Metal Console Sink from Restoration Hardware). I am not really a dark color person but my interior designer and I have picked out a really fun wallpaper, so I think I am on the right track - I just need to check the size of the toilet I chose and see if perhaps there might be a slightly smaller option.

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I know that this is off point, but I wanted to share this great INCREDIBLE makeover of a bathroom that in only marginally bigger than yours - 67' x 43' - and has a shower too!!!

Take heart! Great things are possible in tiny spaces! :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom makeover

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