Hood against external wall - external blower or not?

samanaMay 15, 2012

I've read many of the posts on ventilation, but I am still a bit confused.

We need a wall mounted hood for a 6 burner 36" range top. The range top is against an external wall, so the hood will duct directly outside. On the one hand it sounds like an external blower is the way to go, and yet I often read that with such a short duct, an external blower will not be much quieter.

My concern is smoke over noise, which is why I'm thinking a minimum 900 cfm with 8" duct, with the hood as deep as possible (21 - 24"). But if we can, isn't an exterior blower better even if it ducts directly outside?

There are no cabinets on this wall, so I'm looking at a chimney style hood. Any suggestions beyond what I've noted above? Right now I'm looking at a Broan model, 2 Bests, and a KA, all of which have an external blower as an option.

Thank you!

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We have a Broan E60000? unit. 36" Hood, with 1200CFM External motor. I thought it would be quieter to go external. There probably isn't much of a difference. Cleaning the hood/baffles is very easy with the external blower since there is is no motor inside the hood to get greasy.

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TonySak, thank you, I didn't know the cleaning would be easier. Since we can do an external blower, that's a plus in that direction.

I think that is one we are looking at right now, the Broan Elite 619004EX. The other option is one by Best, model KEX4236SS. There's a big difference in price, so I'm trying to figure out if it is worth it.

Links in case anyone is interested:


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For the money i think it was well worth it. The only thing to consider is the external fan units are rather large (maybe 15" x20"I would look it up). Its not bad for us more or less hidden in the back, plus i think it looks cool, but you might consider external appearance. That would be the only draw back. They are printable though.

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You probably should still take the cover off of the external blower and clean what you find once in a while. The same amount of grease and dirt will likely deposit there as it would if it were in the hood.

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Thanks everyone! I think we are going to go with the Best version, due to the wider depth, speed control, and material. I will try to post after the installation regarding how it performs.

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You know you have to buy the hood and a blower separately right?

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