Master Bedroom Ideas

jebroughApril 10, 2013

Does anyone have any other ideas of how this Master Bedroom/Bath could look/function better?
Bedroom - 13x18
Bath - 10x13
Closet - 10x7 1/2

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hi there,

not sure which elements you don't like on your current plan or if you're just looking for fresh ideas, but my tentative plan is quite similar in a lot of ways. instead of keeping the bathroom square/rectangular, i added a jutout in order to get the look i wanted, and also squeezed two linen cabinets on either side of the tub. however it is about 70 square feet larger than the 13x10 space you have currently planned. i have the biggest claw foot tub on the plan, 2 linen closets, full size french doors, and good size vanities so it could shrink down a little bit.

some questions for you to consider:

1) what do you want to accomplish in your bedroom layout? i.e. do you want a little reading nook? a full sofa? a treadmill? a tv? none of the above?

2) do you really need double doors into the bathroom and from teh bathroom into the closet? it's taking up hanging space in the closet and eats up a bit of floor in the bath.

3) are you ok not having a linen closet in the bathroom for towels, excess toiletries...

4) is it more important to have sunlight around the shower/toilet or the tub or the vanity? i think the window is in the worst possible place in my opinion. i'd much rather have natural light at the vanity or at least a view from the tub.

here's what mine looks like it case it sparks any ideas:

PS: this is completely custom from my brain to the computer using free floor planning software so feel free to steal any elements. haha

PPS: the little gray box in the lower right corner of our bedroom is a "pillow closet" to keep our shams and decorative pillows out of sight if we don't fully put the bed together some days.

you cant see it very clearly, but there are 4 windows in the master bedroom, a wall of windows behind the tub, and small windows beside each sink. then i've got a pocket door into the closet and a pocket door from teh closet as a lazy way into the laundry room. :)

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maggiepie, have you started your build yet?
I see some things I'd change in your plan there...

Jebrough, is this a remodel or a new build, but you want something a little different? What don't you like about the current layout?

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hi kirkhall... we're still in planning phase. critique away!!

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Thanks! This is a new build. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to relocate the doors on the Master Bath. They take up the wall space for an entertainment center.

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That should be easy--flip the tub and the current bathroom doors locations. You should now have plenty of wall space for the entertainment center along the bedroom wall.

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I think (??) you'd have room if you wanted to consider this:

Right bedroom wall, top to bottom -- door to bathroom, long wall for entertainment center, door to closet

Left side of bathroom, top to bottom -- entry area to bath, 66" double vanity, pocket door to closet

Right side of bathroom, top to bottom -- toilet area, bathtub (put a nice big window over the tub), shower

That way you wouldn't have to go through the bath to get to the closet.

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I am out of town at the moment, so no access to a scanner to resketch my thoughts for you... Could you PM me (your email isn't active on this site) to remind me to do that when I return (I'll return Monday). Also, I don't want to take over jebrough's thread.

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Not sure your preferences, but I don't really like the bathroom door right off the end of the bed. In our case, we have different sleep schedules and wouldn't want light/noise to cast onto the sleep area. Were it mine, I'd relocate that bath door.

Couple thoughts:

1. Have the entrance to the bath thru the master closet. You'd lose a little rack space, but it'd offer a great sound/light barrier.

2. Flip the locations of the bath & closet. I'd put your plumbing runs closer to the other bathroom. Then put the bathroom door on the wall next to the bedroom door (changing the swing of the MBR door.) That entry corner is already "lost" space with a door already. Put both doors there. Changing the swing of the MBR door also means that when the door is partways open, the bed is not visible to the hall.

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I would want to flip the bedroom with the bath. This will provide a little more sound barrier between living space and bedroom. You could also have a small vestibule type entrance to the bedroom and have the bathroom door off of this vestibule, then you would have almost 4 full walls for furnishings.

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Great Ideas. I'll play around with it some and see what happens. If anyone wants to sketch out their ideas and post it, that would be a great visual for me. Thanks!

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