Hoover Floormate

betsyhacOctober 14, 2009

Ok, so based on the reviews here on GW, I bought one. The jury is still out; I'll report back later. If you have one, and you don't use the Hoover solution, what do you use and in what proportion? Not only is the Hoover solution expensive, it's impossible to find.

Thx in advance,


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I'm also wondering what people are using in place of the Hoover soluntion. I just found the basic model 2800 at our local thrift shop. I'm not kidding this thing has to be brand new! checked it all out and it's about spotless so went ahead and splurged the $20 they were asking for the unit. Just used it on my linoleum kitchen floor and so far I like it. Used a vinegar/water solution since I wasn't sure what else I could use. Good luck with yours Betsy! I HATE mopping....honestly would rather clean a toilet so this is going to help A LOT!!!

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Oh c'mon all you ultimate cleaners. Y'all talked me into this thing! Please tell me what you use in it.

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I bought a used Hoover Floormate on Ebay. It worked okay at first, then the buttons that spray and pick up the solution broke. I had no recourse,it had no guarantee, so I threw the danged thing out. I was able to buy one bottle of the solution, I still have half of it left.Guess I'll use it for spot-cleaning my wood floors. I can't recommend the Floormate.

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Forgot to beg in the subject line too :)

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Be careful about using vinegar in those machines. I was using vinegar to save money over using the expensive cleaner that they sell and the vinegar formed a mother. I may have ruined the machine and I only have myself to blame for listening to those on discussion boards who recommended vinegar. I could kick myself for falling for it.

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I have a floormate and love it- I ruined my first one that was a yard sale find by putting pine sol in it- yeah I didn't know any better. Bought the wide path one new and the directions said to not use solvents but the recommended floor cleaner or vinegar solution.

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I love the FloorMate, and couldn't go back to mopping (it's like spreading the dirt around vs. putting down only clean water). My first one admittedly died after only 6 years, but I replaced it with a widepath that's currently going on 1.5 years with no issues.

Don't use vinegar or Pine Sol, but Hoover's Floor to Floor solution lasts ages if you use it at half the recommended strength. I actually prefer it at half strength; I notice no loss in cleaning ability or pick up, and zero residue when the floor dries.

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I love the Hoover Floormate as far as cleaning my tile floors goes. I don't like cleaning the machine parts afterward, but that's what's necessary.

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I had a Hoover Floormate, it broke after only one or two uses. I would not recommend this product for 3 reasons-Hoover no longer makes it, it is made of cheap plastic and easily breaks easily (what happened to mine) and it is darned near impossible to find the liquiud cleaner for it.

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Sorry to hear you got a defective product, but your other two statements are quite false. Hoover still manufactures 7 different model variations of the FloorMate, all available and visible on their website:


The solution is available at any and every Walmart I've ever been to, but even if you oppose shopping at the big W it can be easily purchased at Amazon:


My FloorMate is going on two years, no problems, It replaced an earlier module that admittedly did break after 6 years of very frequent use. Use the solution at half strength and not only does it clean as good with no residue, but the bottle lasts a long, long time too.

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