OxiClean Pre-treatment Gel Stick

reader77October 28, 2011

I tried the product on some pants which had 3 small whitish stains. After washing I now have 3 LARGE stains the shape of the gel stick dispenser top.

Of course I did not put them in the dryer. The directions said it could be applied up to week before, and it was 4 days.

I haven't rewashed yet - hoping for suggestions.


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ouch! I've never had much luck with that stick. I was in my local Ace because I wanted to pick up a bar of Fels Naptha (what my mama always used on laundry stains ;). The girl at the register said "I wish we carried Zote." huh? She proceeds to tell me about it, as I'm impressed I head to the nearest store that she gets it at. I bought the white bar, it's honking big for .99. They have a pink bar but ingredients are the same, so I stuck with dye-free.

Blew my socks off! Took stains out that were there for ages or were newer but nothing got out, including bleach. Even DH was impressed, he tried it on a work sweatshirt with a cream colored thermal liner that was pretty grody. It's cream again. I salvaged an expensive white coat that otherwise was going to be replaced. Looks new.

The girl told me her mother and she both dip the bar in the washer as it's filling (hot) till water is cloudy from soap, then lift it out. I can't do that with an HE machine, but did shave off a piece or 3 (depending on type of load), squished it in my palm with hot water and put in soap dispenser. Great stain treatment added to laundry soap.

Maybe you can try rubbing the Zote bar on the stain left from the Oxi stick?

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Thanks, I will look for Zote. Sounds good!

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You're welcome, hope it works!

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