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sapphire6917May 22, 2013

As my kitchen turned master bathroom nears completion, I have had a few more people come through for some of the finishing touches. If I have had six people see the bathroom, five of them have asked why I didn't either move the window or move the bathtub so that the bathtub was in front of the window.

Because I didn't want to.

Now, I will freely admit that I am a lot more practical than most and I will make a mind movie in a minute so as I think about the bathing experience, I cannot, for the life of me, come up with a good reason to have the tub in front of the window. During the day, when I would be able to see the lovely view of my neighbor's yard outside my window, I'm rarely afforded the time to languish in a tub. When I do have that kind of time, it is late evening or nighttime, when that window becomes a big black square. Nothing to be seen there. And neither of these even address the issue of doing a jaybird imitation in front of a window. Yet, every picture in every magazine and on every show has the bathtub in front of a window.

Am I missing something? Am I really the only one in America that doesn't want my Mrs. Doubtfire figure on display?

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If it isn't a good idea to you, then it isn't a good idea for your room. Those five people can take baths in their own houses(!) lol.

When we bought our house 20+ years ago, there was a pair of casement windows behind the jacuzzi tub in the masterbath. When we renovated the room, we replaced them with double hung windows. With top-down/bottom-up shades, we are able to open the windows from the top for sunlight and a lovely breeze... and spare our neighbors from their Mrs. Doubtfire view. Sometimes though, once I'm in the tub, I like to raise up the windows for a cooling breeze. Sitting in the tub, I don't see the neighbors' house, just the treetops outside my window. Ahhhhhh!

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I wonder if the home location and yard make a difference for people putting tubs below windows. My master bathroom (while not actually large enough for a tub) faces the street. If I were to have a tub in front of a big window, my neighbors would certainly be able to enjoy a view as well. I actually do have a window in my bathroom and I always keep the shade drawn. I haven't remodeled yet, but I've wondered what I will end up doing. Honestly, I don't really want my neighbors watching anything I do in the bathroom. If I had a large yard surrounded by trees and my bathroom faced the back of the house with a nice view of the yard and no neighbors, I would be more than happy to have a nice big window and not worry about drawing the shades.

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Thanks for the responses! I actually have two, almost floor to ceiling, windows in my bathroom but neither are in front of the tub. I plan to put window film on the glass so light can come through but all things bathroom related remain private.

I just wondered if there was a reason, other than personal preference, why all of the bathtubs were in front of a window.

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Are these new windows? If so, you might want to check your warranty on them as many are void if you add window film.

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There's only so much wall space in a bathroom, and with most of it being taken up by mirrors over the sink, floor-to-ceiling tile in a shower, or a linen closet, etc, a logical place for a large window would indeed be over the low-height tub.

But I do agree, it depends on what (and who!) is outside of the window.

The back of my house overlooks woods and a lake. No neighbors. No pedestrians. No street view. Plus being on the second floor, there's the vertical isolation.

So there's the window over the tub, which I have no problem with...but there's the context of what's outside the window that can matter.

I do like the "top-down-bottom-up" window shades for tub windows. That way the bottom part of the window can be covered, but light can come through the top, like this one:


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Those are nice shades! I live in an urban area so someone can potentially see me through every window in my home. I don't mind that because I love living in the city. But seeing me enjoy a meal in my dining room is a little different than seeing me hike up a leg and sink down into my tub.

Dekeoboe, my house is over a hundred years old so the windows are hardly new! The film I'm using is the peel and stick variety so they can be taken off in the event I get liposuction or fall madly in love with my neighbors.

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Also, the window film only provides privacy during the day. So, if you want to bathe at night, you will need something else for privacy.

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Yep. At night, I will draw the curtains for privacy. My Mrs. Doubtfire silhouette is just as frightening as the real thing.

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I rearranged the walls during remodeling so an existing window wouldn't be over the tub/shower, or indeed in the bathroom at all.

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Sapphire69, I am with you. I don't understand the tub with windows idea. I do not think I know anybody wealthy enough to own enough land to make bathing in front of their window a sure-fire private occasion. A neighbor with a pair of binoculars could be on their own second floor. Or a hiker could be on a hill or a hunter in a tree stand. I would consider bottom up/top down shades essential for the tub windows.

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Glad to see I'm not alone! After it was mentioned to me, I went looking at bathrooms online and they ALL had the tub in front of the window! For more than one reason, it was never a consideration for my bathroom.

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