Guess what's coming to a shopping mall nearby?

luvstocraftAugust 11, 2011

Wow! I was just at Target and asked the checkout clerk what was going into the old Meryvyn's store that has been vacant for awhile. Guess what she told me?????

It's going to be a Hobby Lobby store! Yippee!

Now OA and I can catch some of those bargains many of you enjoy!

Still waiting and hoping for a Christmas Tree store as well.


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Sounds good! Hope they put 1 in up here! Jan

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Oh, you're going to LOVE HLobby, luvs!!! Bargain coupons (online, too) & always sales going're in trouble, gal! I'm smilin' for ya! Jeanne S.

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Better start saving your money for that first visit!
hugs, Karen

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I am happy for you. I know you will love it.


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How exciting!!
There are no Holly Lobbies in my area.
I'm sure you will have a fun shopping there.
Do you know when it is expected to open?


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Visiting Hobby Lobby was always one of the highlites of my trips back to the Midwest. Then when I visited Karen in Phoenix there was one between her house and the rv park where we stayed so I got to stop there (and at two of the Cracker Barrels off the same Interstate!)

Wouldn't you know we'd get a Hobby Lobby now just when I've been sorting and donating allot of my crafting goodies since I'm not doing as much anymore! LOL Oh well, it's always fun to browse there--and I have no doubt I'll be tempted and inspired. ;o)


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Marlene Kindred

Hobby Lobby is amazing! YAY for you! We just got a store in our town about a year ago and the first time I went in I looked like a kid in toy store! Glad you're getting one in your town too! Enjoy~

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Good for you Luvs!!
When I first read the title of your post I thought you were going to announce a CTS
Oh well, even though I have a CTS..I'm still pining for a HL.... I guess we can't have EVERYTHING...but we can hope - Right??


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I love Hobby Lobby, the closest one to me is an hour and a half, so i don't get there much. I wish I had one opening by me lol : )


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A friend of mine in Sacramento is getting one too and she's so excited!

Did you know they now have an online store? They didn't last year. Lots of things to choose from!

The store isn't open on Sundays though. Also, my dh who does not like to do "girly" shopping loves HL! He's bought himself a few items for "his" fireplace. lol

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Sooooo Happy for you! This will be a fun get away for you and OA while out shopping. Let us know what your first trip brings to YOU.LOL


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That's great, Luvs! I hope they come to NY too!

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Color me greeeen with envy. I would LOVE to have a HL OR a CTS , I'm not picky.. lol
The nearest HL is over an hour away from me and not a CTS in sight. waaaaa.

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