Grout Sealer for Hard water & soap scum?

pbx2_gwMay 27, 2014

Sorry if this has been answered a million time but I am a little overwhelmed with the available info when it comes to sealing grout.

We have a silver Power Grout - which supposedly has a build in sealer - in the master shower: ceramic & porcelain tiles on the floor & walls.

We noticed that soap scum & hard water will soak into the grout & discolor it to either a orange or dark color - if we don't routinely clean it (like weekly vs. monthly).

We have found that Lysol bathroom cleaner spray will do a decent job of bringing back to life the grout colors if we don't clean for about a month.
Scrubbing Bubbles does nothing past 1 week - so we have begun using it weekly.

Will sealing the grout help with the soap scum/hard water issue - if we fail to lean the shower weekly?

What is a good sealer?

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Grout sealer only makes it a tad easier to clean the doesn't make it waterproof.

Best recommendation, taken from John Bridge is to NOT use "bar soap" in a shower as it contains animal fat as a "binder" and will leave scum. Try to go to a liquid soap and wipe down the shower with your somewhat dirty towel after showering.

If you do this, the shower will look good forever.....

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Try Oxyclean to clear off the current discoloration

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Or just use "Fusion Pro" from Home Depot and never worry about sealing the grout....

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Sophie Wheeler

You're getting orange slime mold because you're not cleaning off the human skin cells and soap residue debris often enough in a damp environment. Sealer has nothing to do with it. Sealer doesn't prevent crud from building up in the shower. Use one of those enzymatic spay cleaners that you activate when you're done, or squeegee after every shower. Switch to liquid products. Also check your ventilation. It's probably inadequate.

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Rinse down your shower walls after each use and then squeeze them. Easy to to and takes like 30 seconds. Clean weekly. I spray down the tile with Lysol bath cleaner and then put a microfiber clothe on a swiffer floor mop and wash down the walls and floor. The base I usually go over separately by hand.

Definately make sure you have adequate venting and that the fan is running long enough after the shower.

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Babka NorCal 9b

No need to squeegee IF you have man made stone, not natural stuff. Just spray Clean Shower or a similar product after each shower. I have used it in tttmy porcelain shower daily for a year and have NEVER cleaned it otherwise while using the daily shower spray. We have hard water here. That darned stuff works. I am surprised that more people don't use it. This stuff plus a good exhaust system takes away the mold mildew scum problems.

NOTE: I purposely put patterned glass in our shower so the film it leaves doesn't show. That film dissolves with each shower, (no build up) but then you need to re-spray after each shower to put a new layer on. Your clear glass wouldn't look perfect. It only takes about 30 seconds to spray, about the time it takes to squeegee...but then I NEVER have to clean weekly mineral/soap deposits which the squeegie people do.

Trade offs....


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