For Jacob: Autumn stacked plates

oreos-momAugust 27, 2010

I did this for Jacob,my infant grandson. He loved bright colors and they just made his little face light up.So,since I haven't been sleeping very well, I thought I'd do this for him. I wanted it to be as full and bright as possible.There ARE plates under there. I just covered every inch of them :)

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OM : Soooo pretty!!
I love all the colors and creativity that you used in adding in the little squirrel. He really popped out to me.
Happy Grandbabies are a good thing:).
I hope you get some rest , lack of sleep is rough.

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This would certainly make Jacob's face light would make anyone's for that matter. I love how you loaded the plates!
I'm sorry you aren't sleeping well. I am sending good thought and prayers your way.

hugs, Karen

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Wow! That's terrific. I love how you can't see any part of the plates. I think stacked plate decorating is harder than you gals make it look. I'm going to have to get a set for myself and try it.

Happy Fall.

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What cute little scarecrows you have on it, and I love that you used feathers too. You are getting an early start on the season! We love to make those grandbabies happy don't we? ;o)


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So pretty, OM, and what a lovely way to start of your Fall! I can see why this would appeal to a small child, too, as it even makes me smile! Jacob's a lucky little guy to have such a wonderful grandmother!

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MM,Karen,OA,Luvs and Lynn ... thank you all for your sweet comments ( and your prayers ). We need them. Yes, I'm kind of rushing Fall a little bit .. but I'm so tired of hot weather !
And OA, the stacked plates are really not hard at all. It took me about an hour to put this one together. I've also only got about $20.00 spent on it. You really don't need to go buy a special set of stacked plates. I bought 3 clear glass plates at walmart for less than $6.00. I used glass sundae cups ( also bought at Walmart ) turned upside down to separate them.The pumpkins and pumpkin sitters,scarecrows,leaf garlands,artificial flowers and fall leaf wreath came from the Dollar General store. I cut the leaves off the garlands and cut the flowers apart to use as fillers. I set the wreath over the bottom sundae cup before I added the bottom plate.The glass pumpkins, glass grape clusters and feathers came from Michaels and were all on sale.I hope you do make one ! You'll be hooked !

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It's amazing what you can get done on a sleepless night, oreo! I'm sure Jacob is enjoying this maize of colors! Been hot & humid summer here, we got a nice break this week...still up in 80's but less humid! This forum is an intro to me for stacked TFSharing your idea...I've never tried one but sure that I will. Enjoy Jacob! Jeanne S.

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