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tinyhomebuilderMay 2, 2014

After reading so many entertaining and informative posts from the good folk here, my wife and I decided to buy a BlueStar range.

The process of acquiring one is kind of strange. There is no price shopping. There is no competition. There are no discounts. There is no negotiation. They cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer. You pay up front months before you ever see what you have bought. There is no correspondence from the manufacturer. There is no delivery date. 10 weeks of waiting conjured up mental images of primitive miners far off in a foreign land eeking out tiny chunks of nickel with hand picks to smelt the stainless steel that will eventually become the stove...

...and yet it was still well worth it. : )

Our kitchen is small so we ordered the little 24 inch stove so as not to overpower the area. The heat range of the burners is awesome and the control is as precise as a micrometer. And all of that heavy seasoned black cast iron on top makes clean up a snap. We're very pleased with both the looks and the performance.

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Nice photo, I didn't even know they made a 24 inch. As for price shopping, a number of major manufacturers have set pricing for their dealers, and refuse to let them sell to customers outside their area, so price shopping is difficult if not impossible. IIRC, that is true of Wolf as well.

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Nice photo. And absolutely love your hood setup and stainless 'splash. Totally industrial-cool.

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Thanks for hanging your cooking utensils on the side of the range instead of from the backsplash bar. Drives me nuts when I see that - nothing on a shelf or bar can ever remain clean...assuming there is ever any cooking done on the range.

I too love the approach you took with your hood. Happy cooking!

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Not many manufacturers make 24 inchers so that really narrowed down our options. And I'm really glad that BlueStar was one of them.

We located the utensils to the side, because it can be dangerous reaching over hot pots and pans to grab a spoon.

And that hood literally cost only $145... on a $4,000 stove! (lol!).

I installed a one exhaust fan in the wall ($40)and the hood which cost $100 came with a second fan already in it. That big galvanized elbow was $5 from a commercial heating and air conditioning warehouse. With two inline motors, the hood sucks like crazy.

We just went with simple brushed stainless sheet for the backing as it matches the stove and hood.

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