old bathtub needs help

gran5October 9, 2013

Does anyone have an answer to a old bathtub that needs help with the finish, or is there anything to help other than a total refinish? (smoker in the house also)

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Depending on how old and shape of bathtub, you might find a liner that will fit. If you go this way, make sure the wall tile fits on the inside of the liner flange at the top in order to keep water from traveling down under the bathtub causing more problems.

A professional refinish job is another solution, that is if you choose a good finisher. If you are handy at doing such yourself, give it a try. I am not sure what the life expectancy is for a refinished bathtub.

If worse comes to worse you can always replace the bathtub if the doorway is large enough to pull an old tub through. Sometimes they have to be cut into smaller pieces in order to get out of some houses.

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Go to your hardware store and get a couple of the Rust-O-Leum bathtub kits and follow directions to a T. Use a small foam roller brush to apply the paint and a small throw-away foam brush for the corners.

It is amazing, easy to do, works incredibly well, and looks gorgeous when you're finished. Then, keep it clean. It's also less slippery than plastic or enamel.

If you do it and a dirt-ring forms about the base of the tub, just use toilet bowl cleaner and scrub brush to get the dirt off.

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One vote for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser & some & some elbow grease !


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If the tub is not worn out it may just be ground in dirt and grease. Use some Bon ami powder and Mr. Clean eraser. Make a thick paste in the tub with a little water and start scrubbing with eraser. Rinse well. You might have to scrub a few times until it gets all the dirt off. Good luck, better than having to replace the tub!

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