Vineyard Table & Buffet

phonegirlJuly 15, 2012

It was sad to have our company leave so DH and I

went ys yesterday. I had more fun than I should

have. Just couldn't resist all they had to offer.

Here's one of my new sets of dishes. They are

Vineyard by Euro Ceramica Inc. $5 for the whole

set of 18 plates, s, plates and bowls. Lighted

grapes $3, 3 purple candle holders

$1, Princess house crystal ice bucket, glasses and

s & p $10. Only bought these as I have collected

this set for years.

Closeup of dish set.

Added DGM's grape cluster made from bottle caps and crochet thread.

Picked up this wine box for .25. DF brought me this fenton

fairy lamp from her ys for .25.

Little chef w/wine bottle was $1 and closeup of fairy lamp.

I've had this wine holder for quit some time. This is my new crystal ice bucket w/napkins but doesn't show up very well.

Another full shot.

I'll post my china cabinet on another post.


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Well with that haul, I imagine you perked right back up and had a Happy Face the rest of the day! But aren't you ashamed at paying just $5 for that set of lovely dishes? LOL. I'd have been grinning AND taking a guilt trip!

You set such a lovely table and buffet with all the new goodies.
hugs, Karen

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This is a wonderful table! The dishes are so pretty.
Even nicer since they were such a bargain.
They are set off beautifully by the dark chargers.
I love the lighted grapes. Adding your DGM's grape cluster is the perfect touch.
The buffet looks great. it is so cool that you used the wine box as a vase.
TFS Punk

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The envy is still lingering. lol
What a SCORE on the dish set and all the other goodies as well. I wouldn't say that falls under "more fun than I should have", I'd say that's bargains at best.
Love love love this table. The plate arrangements is perfect and the semi-arch design of the whole centerpiece really sets the tone.
The buffet is a perfect backdrop for the whole table.
Job Well Done!!

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Marlene Kindred

You DID have a good day, didn't you?? Wow! What a haul. I've never seen lighted grapes before. Love your set of dishes too! And all of your other goodies...lucky you!

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OK, I lost my whole spill about this table! I'll start over!

1st of, love the dishes ...what a $$bargain & my colors, too! They are gorgeous & they look so great with the black (or dark) charger & white placemats! Green flatware adds just the right amount of color with your lighted grapes/leaves!

That wine box to hold greenery is perfect & using that crystal ice holder w/choice of napkins = excellent! Wow, love everything here...that cute lil' chef w/bottle of win & your other wineholders! The S&P crystal & stems are so elegant! Fairy lamp is very pretty ...& candlelight, of course. ;-)! Perfection! TFS, punk! Jeanne S.

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Karen, No guilt here. This is why I yard sale here instead of going to the thrift stores. I was so thrilled, I was like a little kid at Christmas by the end of the day. Have so much more to share. The whole back end of my escalade was filled w/boxes.

Nana, the chargers are my Williams Sonoma the family bought me cuz I wouldn't quit whinning I needed them.haha When I spotted the lighted grape vine I loved it too. Not sure what I will do with that wine box later but it was only a quarter and worked with this setting.

MM, wish all of you who liked these dishes lived closer. if these dishes weren't so heavy, I would love to share with some of you. I sure don't need 18! However I'm already thinking I may use them for Thanksgiving this year for a change.

Marlene, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I almost shopped till I dropped. I will be sharing more later.

Jeanne, after seeing these pictures, I could sure use your help photographing. Glad you mentioned the candlelight again. I do it mainly for YOU.LOL

Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments everyone. If I ever get caught up in my yard I'll share more of my finds with all of you. It was so much fun, I plan on going out again this weekend if DH's up to it.


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Very beautiful

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punk...I LOVE garage sales, too! & your photos are GREAT!!! You don't need me, woman! Lovely! & I passed on 2 stick lamps (or whatever you call those) today at a TS of my fave TS's ...but I thought of you & how your display your pretty ones! I thought they might be too tall on my buffet (w/back mirror on mine would be lower)...but I got a few bowls & a cup for Dollbaby...I will be back one day soon, I hope! (posting) Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Freedomfe, thanks so much for taking the time to post here. Hope you will come back and join us more often.

Jeanne, woohoo, so glad you found some bowls and a cup for Dollbaby today. Your so sweet but I can't seem to capture the shots like you!

I'm thinking you could use lamps on your buffet if you have a picture or something in the center that's taller. My lamps are taller than my mirror on this one and I always have them on the top shelf of my other one. If you find some that are cheap might be worth trying. If you don't care for them, give them to one of the kids or a friend.


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Late to the party as usual, but agree with what everyone else has said. Those dishes sure were a steal and they are so pretty and textured. You found just the perfect items to go with them for a whole vineyard theme--I love it all! Glad you had fun too,so exciting when you find great stuff at fantastic prices! Luvs

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Punk, I thought I had posted here.....but I agree with everybody else, fabulous as always!

I really like all your arrangements you made to go with the dishes. The dishes would be perfect for Thanksgiving.


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Thanks Luvs and Candy for your sweet comments.


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Glad I didn't miss this Punk!
This tablesetting is really lovely.
Now I really get to see the 'full course' of these dishes!
What a great buy...and as I said before they're so different.
The chargers and flatware and lighted grape CP just sets everything off beautifully!

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Jane, glad you found this post to see the 'full course' of these dishes!LOL I miss seeing your beautiful inspiring ts and decor. Hope you will be back sharing soon.


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