60 Hide-A-Hose

jeriOctober 2, 2009

Anyone have the 60 foot size? I would like to go as long as possible. I think this size is relatively new and was hoping for some feed back.


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Why would you want a 60 foot hose? I have had central sysytems in 3 homes and I can tell you those hoses can get heavy after a while. There is a weight differance between a 25, 30, and 40 foot hose as I had all 3 in my last house. I hated to use the 40 foot hose. I don't know what type of carpet you are cleaning but if it is anything but Berber, forget the air driven Turbo Cat. I was talked into buying that when I installed my last system. I hated if from the first day. I vacummed the entire house and my wife came home and had asked me why I hadn't cleaned?! We had very thick carpet and the Turbo Cat just skimmed over the carpet and did not remove any foot prints. I had always had electirc power heads and hoses before and knew this was doing nothing, and it is no more than a glorified carpet sweeper. I went out and purchased an electric set for each floor, the next day. Don't fall for the pitch that a Turbo Cat will clean as well as an eletric, as it won't. I own a reidential cleaning service and we use our own vacs unless they have central. If they have a Turbo Cat we bring in our own for the initial cleaning. It would be nothing for me to pull 5 or 6 bags of sand out of a family room with 5 boys and a lake outside. I did this in the one house and all houses using the Turbo Cat were the same. The next time we come I would bring one of my eletric sets from home and show them the difference in the carpet. They purchased and electiric set for the next time we came. I installed a Vac U Flo 960 in a 4,000 sq. foot house and that is to be installed in a 20,000 sq. foot Mc Mansion so the unit had more than enough power to run a Turbo Cat.

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I don't have the 60, but I do have the 50 foot hoses with our HAH and they're no problem at all. I wouldn't think an extra ten feet would make a huge difference in terms of weight or anything.

Also, I love our Turbo Cat head. Does an awesome job on the carpet, much better than the Kenmore power head we had in the last house, and it's quieter and way ligher too. I'd also recommed the "Rug Rat" if you have any stairs to do - that think is wicked :)

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Interesting comments made by "eteinne".

Sounds like you were likely using a power unit that was under rated for the size of the home and length of hose you were using. It would explain the issues you experienced with the Turbocat and 60' of hose. Were you using a bag or filtered system?

I've been installing/servicing Vacuflo, Beam, Eureka (Nilfisk, Kenmore) systems for years and am the first to rave about how much better the Vacuflo Power Units work by experience and feedback. You can't fairly compare a Vacuflo with a Beam or Eureka when it comes to using Hide-A-Hose.

The problem with the others is the bag (inverted bag/filter) membrane. The Vacuflo uses all metal LAM motors without filters or bags and is by far a much more powerful product when compared to the plastic/metal combination found in those others. Even the "filtered" version of Vacuflo doesn't restrict airflow by design. Cyclonic systems like Vacuflo NEVER lose power. The other ones begin losing suction immediately (when a filter membrane starts to get dirty and/or a bag starts to fill)... hence not running an air turbine effectively, let alone come close to retracting a 60' hose reliably. Imagine running a marathon trying to suck up a 60' length of spaghetti wearing a mask that progressively prevents breathing.

-Just an observation from 25 years of service experience as an independent in the industry and 8 years of installing Hide-A-Hose.

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