Pots & pans in dishwasher?

treasureforuOctober 30, 2008

I only run our dishwasher every few days because it is just me and hubby. I have new cookware by Rachel Ray and it is suppose to be dishwasher safe. I put my casseroles in the dw but not my pans. Do you put your pots and pans in the dishwasher? Does it affect how long your pans last?


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I've used the same cookware for over 30 years and NEVER put it in the dishwasher. What they told me when I purchased them is that the cookware was fine in the dishwasher (expect heat stains on the stainless steel), but the bakelite handles were another matter. They turn from shiny black to gray over time when washed in a DW. My SIL has the same cookware and purchased her's about the same time. She always washes them in the dishwasher. Our cookware still looks "new" and shiny while her's looks like they've been through a war.


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Hi Grainlady,
I bet you are about my age and that is why I never put the pots in the dishwasher. I am 49 and in the old days there would be handle issues and other reasons not to put them in the dw. I also always rinse my dishes but I am having second thoughts on that issue too because the dw are so much better. I was wondering about the newer cookware though because there are so many new materials out there.

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My mother has a set of Revere ware pots that are over 50 years old. They stll look new, perfect, shiny, because she hand-washes them. I, on the other hand, bought a set of Revere ware in 1975 and I've used them every day. I got a dishwasher when I moved into my present house in 1981. I admit I'm lazy, and I've put everything in the DW. The handles (once shiny black plastic/bakelite?) are now gray and pitted. The pots themselves have a few dents and dings, the insides are fine but the bottoms of some are permanently stained from the heat of my gas stove. If I had it to do over, I would hand-wash. My baby sister hand-washes her pots and pans, too.

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I hand wash my non-stick pans because I always felt that a DW would affect the coating. I never gave it a though as to the SS ones and put them in the DW all the time. Big mistake. Like others have said the handles are now faded and pitted and one has a stress crack in it. These were very exspensive, heavy duty Regalware pans so I am asuming they did not use crappy handles and I abused them in the DW. The pans I use the most are the worst, and the ones I rarely use are not as bad so I know it is the DW.

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I put everything that fits into the dishwasher....my "wedding gift" Revere pans have gone into the dishwasher since I first got a dishwasher in 1969. Yep the handles are not shiny bright....but the time I have saved by putting them into the dishwasher is considerable...
And my worth as a human being is not measured by the shiny handles on my revere pans. I would rather spend the time saved baking bread and making broth from scratch and and mushroom cream sauce rather that canned soup.
My Revere pans are 51 years old....and cook as well as they did in 1957.
Linda C

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I would like to buy my daughter a good set of pots and pans. Should I go to Revere pots. You girls seem happy with them.
If so,which kind . I am lost when I look at their website because there are so may different kinds.

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I bought my stainless steel Revere pans in the early 60s with Green Stamps left over from my mom's stash. The handles have greyed over the years from the dishwasher, but if I can fit them in the dishwasher, I do. I would rather save all the years of washing and wiping the pans, even though I do scrub off anything that might stick before putting them in the dishwasher. I keep them stored in the cupboard and not on display, so the handles don't have to look pretty.

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I don't care how the handles look, mine just don't come clean in the dihwasher. MAybe it's just DH with his burned on rice, but if there is anything a bit hard then it doesn't come off and I have to wash it by hand anyway.

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