Anyone's shark steam mop break?

n2cookinOctober 25, 2008

I've used my new shark steam mop 3 times now and love it. But it's hard to push across my linoleum floors! Today when I filled it and plugged it in and went into another room while it was heating up, it shot steam out of a seam which sounded like a hot water tank exploding. The seams are coming apart around the sides. I bought it brand new on ebay for around $60.

I like the way it cleans but I'm mad that it's now coming apart! Anyone else have this problem?

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hmmm...I would contact the seller and see if you can return it for sure. Never heard of this happening. I have one and I really do not use it as much as my old one because it is really hard for me to push also. The older ones were much better, somethings are better left not "new and improved" see if you can send it back

good luck!

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