Vacuum cleaner recommendations?

RustyOctober 1, 2013

I am needing a new vacuum cleaner.
The Hoover Wind Tunnel I have is 20+ years old,
And doesn't seem to be doing a very good job anymore.

I am currently considering a Shark,
I think it's the Rotator Pro, says it is actually 3 vacuums in one.
Does anyone here have one of these?
Do you like it?

My house is average size, one story,
Bedrooms are carpet,
Rest of house is tile.
I do have a dog, so there is always pet hair to clean up.
I also have Osteoarthritis,
So ease of operation is a must.
And on top of that, there are budget constraints
That must be considered.
(Low fixed income).

Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions
that might help me make a decision?



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If the hoover has served you well, get another one. I bought a fancy new one and ended up taking it back. The hoover was much better, that is what I still use.

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"If the hoover has served you well, get another one."

If I felt it had served me well, I would!
I was happy with it for the first year or so.
Probably only because the one it replaced was so bad.

I've wanted to replace it for a long time now,
But felt I couldn't afford to as long as it would run.

Well, the time has finally come that I feel I can get a new one.
I just don't want to make the same mistake again,
And be 'stuck' with something I totally dislike!


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I have a Shark Lift Away, the older one, not the Rotater. I've had it several years and like it..there's the 2 of us and the peke, who does shed somewhat...he is the same color as the carpeting, a light can see how much is picked up by the vacuum...if I didn't already have this one I would probably go for the newer one.

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I have a Electrolux . My mom had one and so sense it worked so well for her . I bought one . Just replaced the hose recently and maybe other parts through the years. But have had the vacume for 25 + years. I love the attachments for the sofa and such. I also have arthritis and can handle this vacume ok. It is light weight and easy to carry and use.

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The Shark Navigator is great for carpet and smaller homes. The cleaning ability is impressive and it's true - never loses suction.

Negatives -
falls over easily when using the hose
tiniest collection bin on earth (constant emptying)
narrow path/width
micro dust filters messy and a pain to keep clean
Non-standard hose/attachment diameter
exhaust can blow forward if the vac is held at the wrong angle/upright

Positives -
powerful suction
super easy to empty
long cord
solid build
lightweight for vac in this class
air tight - dust doesn't get out

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Thank you for your input.

When (and if) I get a new vacuum,
I'll post my decision here.
I'm still leaning towards the Shark Rotator Pro,


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We had a Shark Rotator Pro for a little less than a year before it stopped working as good as when new despite frequent filter changes. It does have good suction but if you have a larger home it takes FOREVER to vacuum with the narrow head. We just bought it to supplement our Central Vac with hide-a-hose. I returned it and bought a Dyson DC41 and am loving the Dyson. We have had them in the past and they have always worked well. I will say the Rotator is easier to use with tools than the Dyson...but I mainly use my central vac for cleaning the couch and stairs. Yes Dysons are expensive but in the long run, if it makes cleaning faster and I'm saving on not having a cleaning service...go for it.

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That smaller head is one of the things I've been wondering about.
Just the bedrooms are carpet,
rest of house is tile.
I very rarely use the Hoover on the tile,
A large dust mop is so much faster,
And does just as good a job.
So I probably wouldn't use the Shark on the tile either.

I'm curious about in what ways it stopped working as good as when new.
Less suction?

I do have budget considerations
That rule out the Dyson.
But then, I've read some reviews on line about it
that weren't all that good, either.

Decisions! Decisions!!
They can be so hard to make sometimes!

Karyn, I appreciate the way you listed Pros & Cons.
I was kind of looking at the Navigator, too.
I didn't think about the falling over when using the hose,
That is one of my biggest gripes about the Hoover!
The Rotator looks like it would not do that.

And now I'm wondering about the attachment/hose diameter.
Something else to investigate and think about.


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If you have arthritis, I suggest that you look for a self-propelled vacuum that can greatly ease the effort on carpets. My wife has a Kirby, but those are usually very expensive. You might find a used one on Craigs list. I had a self-propelled Hoover that is older than yours. It had more suction than the Kirby and probably any modern vacuum. As has been said in the appliance forums: they just don't make them like they used to. Most are throw-aways. We had a small Shark and it was junk. Fell apart in no time. I'm not sure what to recommend, but you could check Consumer Reports (at your public library).

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Thought I would report back here.
I ended up ordering the Shark Rotator Pro
From the TV commercial,
And got a free Shark Steam Mop with it.
I also ended up springing for the extra attachments.

So far I love it!
And because I am who I am,
I felt the need to justify spending the money.

I vacuumed a section of my bedroom carpet,
running the Hoover over and over it
Until the light turned green,
Then went over it a few more times.
So it should have been clean, right?


I went over it with the Shark,
And was amazed, shocked and embarrassed
at the amount of 'stuff' that it picked up.

For years, I have used things like
Pet Fresh carpet deodorizer, etc,
because I usually have at least one,
Sometimes two dogs.
I have carefully followed the directions,
Leaving it for a bit, then vacuuming it up.
I thought.
But from what this Shark picked up,
I guess the Hoover picked up very little of it.
And while the Hoover is self-propelled,
it is heavy enough to be hard and awkward to handle.
The Shark is amazingly easier!

So, so far, I am thrilled with my purchase!
It hasn't tipped over yet when I'm using the hose.
(Using the hose on the Hoover meant constant tip-overs).
And I love the attachments!

Haven't tried the steam mop yet,
Maybe later today.

Of course it remains to be seen how long it lasts,
But the 5 year warranty puts my mind at ease.


Again, I thank y'all for your input,
I appreciate it a lot.

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