Come Rock and Roll w/Elvis for Independence Day celebration

phonegirlJuly 1, 2012

My DSis brought down some of her Elvis collection for DGD's BDay. She left it here for me so I put together a table and buffet for the family to enjoy while here visiting over the 4th. We all knew our Mother was a Big Elvis fan so this should be fun. I kept some of the red, wht and blue going but most of it is in the china cabinet and on our roll top desk.

Here's Elvis in his younger days to Welcome all. He's standing beside DM's china cab w/all her Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose Dishes. One of my DF's just brought me the matching Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose Bunny on top from her ys for $1. One of her co-workers was selling it.

I picked up both of these life size silhouttes for $2 ea. The record player is DSis's.

Each place setting has one of Elvis's albums on top of a silver beaded place mat. I picked up this juke box radio for $1.50 at a different ys after finding the other Elvis things.

Closeup of the juke box. It lights up and is pretty cute. The watermelon and lime candles were .25 and go well with my watermelon dishes.

DSis's record player has a rainbow and clouds in the back ground (reminded me of heaven) so I added an angel with a white rose in memory of Elvis on the buffet.

Couldn't pass up this street sign. What are the odds all of this came to gether for me. I was lovin' it.

Notice the rainbow and Elvis's album title 'I Got Lucky.' Never picked up on it till now.

TJ doesn't understand the whole Elvis thing but she likes having someone to hang out and 'Rock' with.LOL I found her this silver tea set for $3 at a ys. Woohoo

Through the years Elvis changed and this is the King I remember.

Hope all of you have a Safe and Happy 4th. Thanks for looking.


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Oh my gosh, Punk this is without a doubt the funnest [yes that is a word my grand kids say it all the time] table I've seen.
Elvis is looking remarkably well.
The black tc is the perfect back drop for this wonderful table.
I love the records on top of the beaded placemats.
The jukebox radio was a steal and perfect for the table. Your sister's record player is cool and is great with the album covers.
The St. sign is the best.
TJ must love her tea set and she looks happy to be part of the festivities.
Thanks for sharing this delightful table with us, I'll be smiling all day thinking about it.

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Punk, I totally 2nd everything Nana just said! ;o) This table is so fun--I'm a life long Elvis fan too! Love your Mom's dishes too, that's such a pretty feminine pattern. Whether TJ understands the whole Elvis thing or not--she sure looks like she's ready for a party. Luvs

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OMgosh, "I'm all shook up
Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!"

This is such a riot! What fun for the 4th of July & for your GD! Love the records in the place settings ...the life-size ELVIS' ... (be still my heart) & the jukebox for the centerpc (a $$bargain) your sis' cute box record player! OH MY! You've outdone yourself w/this t'scape, punk!

& then you throw in a slice of watermelon & lime drinks! LOL! LOVE it! LOVE it! You never cease to amaze me, punk! TFS! Jeanne S.

~~oh, BTW, your friend 'stole' that bunny for $1 ...great find for a good friend like you!

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Since Jeanne posted twice, LOL, I'm staking claim to her second one! She said it all perfectly for me!
(thank you, Jeanne. I was feeling pretty darn speechless over this amazing display!!)
Punk, you just boggle the mind and I was grinning ear to ear looking at your pictures.

I am NOT letting Teagan know about that pretty silver tea set tho. She'd think I don't treat her special any more!

LOVE what you and Elvis have done!
hugs, Karen

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Nana, Luvs, Jeanne and Karen, thanks for all your comments. I sent DSis a couple of pictures and she thinks it needs redone. I told her she could come down and knock herself out redoing.LOL We'll see what she does. I'm always up for ideas.

It is pretty funny to know I shop for my dolly. I didn't get a tea service till I inherited DM's. You ladies have enriched my life so much and in so many ways!

We drank schnapps on the rocks and made alot of salads tonight. DB brought up coconut, apple pie and rootbeer schnapps for all to enjoy and that they did.

Not sure if we'll BBQ or cook a turkey in the deep fat fryer tomorrow. Will probably do both as I'm sure everyone will watch the parade and then stay for the fireworks! I baked 3 kinds of cookies and brownies, also have watermelon, fresh strawberries, baked beans and chips. I'm heading to bed so I will be ready for a fun but long day.

Hope all of you have a wonderful 4th. Punk

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LOL, purplemoon! Teegan may be jealous but Dollbaby hasn't spoken to me for months I don't have to worry! Could be cause she's still dressed in her Easter outfit!

punk...maybe I got into the Schnapps since I double-posted! ...enjoyed this t'scape thoroughly! Don't change a thing! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

How cool is that? Love the jukebox centerpiece!

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What a hoot!! I think this the is really fun! I can't stop smiling and suddenly have a craving for a peanut butter, banana and bacon sanwich!

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Jeanne, isn't it time for Dollbaby to wear her watermelon outfit? Yep, I think you may have been sipping a little schnapps alright! Or did I have to much and seeing double.LOL I haven't changed the table yet but DSis thought the Elvis's and record player and juke should be switched. When company leaves I'll be ready for a change to something totally different. Thanks.

Marlene and Elmaly, thanks for the sweet comments. I've never tried a pb, banana and bacon sandwich but it sounds great. I've eaten so much this last week with having so much company, seems like all we do it EAT! Hopefully next week I can get back on track.HA


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Cute, creative, clever!
The record chargers, the amazing Elvis figures, the street sign, just everything! Just a hunch that there are some Elvis fans at your house, LOL
Makes me want to rock around the clock!

The highlight is that amazing juke box radio! I can't believe you got it at that price! I wouldn't want to ever change this TS, it is so fun!


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