Its going to be a Girl!! Baby Shower pix.

christmascandyJuly 17, 2011

My youngest DD is having a baby girl next month and I hosted a baby shower for them yesterday. Needless to say, there was a lot of pink and princess theme!!

Table before food:

I made all of the treats except for the strawberry malted milk balls:

Since the theme was a new princess is on the way, I found a castle at the TS to use as a CP!! The rose arrangement in the urn is also TS.

I made the brownie pops and covered them with pink candy melts, and added the polka dots with hot pink gel from Dollar Tree.

The plates, cups, napkins, invites, wall mural, baby girl letter garland, pink rattles, pink rubber duckies, pink cupcake & mini cheesecake liners, teddy bear picks in the cupcakes, strawberry malted milk balls, and pink pillar candles also all came from Doll. Tree. The urn holding the forks is a TS find. the silver platters, and pink cake plate are heirloom. The white scalloped plate is TS.

For the invites, I printed my own information, cut it out with fancy edge scissors, pasted it in the center of the invite, cut a sheer pink parchment cover to put over the top, punched 2 holes and threaded a pink polka dot ribbon through both of them.

I found the drink dispenser on clearance at Ross.

The tray for the drinks came from SA for 90c, and the silver sugar dish is a 41 yr. old wedding present.

The pink plates and the holder came from HL several years ago. It is holding the white chocolate covered strawberries.

The menu was strawberry cupcakes, white choc. dipped strawberries, mini cherry cheesecakes, pink dipped brownie bites, and strawberry malted milk balls. I didn't make the malted milk balls.

We played the guess the candy bar / dirty diaper game and my DGD (on the right) and a distant cousin were totally grossed out by the diapers.

The sign came from a TS, and my oldest DD was very jealous that the "new" princess is getting the sign, and not the 5 yr old!! Unfortunately, since it was a TS find, its not like I can go buy another one! There is a "toad" at the bottom of the sign. The pacifiers on the candle holders were also from DT.

Now that the shower is over, I will have some more time to visit here!!



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Wow, that was a lot of work but really beautiful shower table! (Except for the dirty diapers- I cut little pieces of flannel & fold to look like diaper on & fasten with tiny safety pin. 1 diaper has a spot of mustard so it is the"dirty" 1 & that person gets the prize. How does yours work?) Bet she was thrilled & the little ones are so adorable, I'm sure they were going ick, ouuu,yuck as the diapers look pretty "poopy" Nice job!! Now relax until the baby arrives! Jan

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WOW...Great Job Candy!
Love the 'New Little Princess' theme.. That castle was the perfect find..not to mention that great sign (I love it).. You did a super job on the decorating..and putting together that pretty table with those delightful - mouth watering treats. I love how you used the beverage jars -They're really nice looking too.
The picture of the two little girls' reaction over the dirty diapers - too cute!
This was fun to see - You did such a wonderful job on everything with lots of thoughtful planning and hard work..your DD's are lucky ladies to have you.


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Jan, the dirty diaper game requires melting mini candy bars, or pieces of candy bars in the diapers and then the guests try to guess which diaper is which candy bar. I downloaded the blank, numbered answer sheet off of the internet. We cut diapers in half so we wouldn't waste so many, and melted 10 different candy bars in the different diapers, one candy bar per diaper. I smooshed them around with a spoon a bit after they melted and left them overnight. We made sure we made the master list as we melted them so we would know the right answers!! I posted several lists of the 10 candy bars around the room. Each diaper was numbered and then they were passed around the room and the guests tried to figure out which candy bar was number 1, number 2, et cetera. As we were making them, my DD said "well Mom, they are actually all number 2!"
I have never seen a shower game where the ladies laughed as much as they did at those dirty diapers!! They were actually quite realistic looking!! LOL! Then I had several small gifts for the winners, with the one who got them all right getting first choice, then the ones who got the next most right answers choosing next.

Jane, it was a special day and besides being too hot to host it in the sunroom, everything went very smoothly. I had to move the setting inside where it is air conditioned as it was in the mid 90's outside so even with fans running, the sunroom was in the high 80's.
It took a couple of different trips and a few TS's but I found a castle that was the right size for what I wanted, so it really set up the princess theme. The pink tiara on the brownie bite holder was a DT find that I just wrapped around the top of the tiered holder and paper clipped in place.
I have 2 pretty special daughters too, so we have a good time together.

Thanks for the compliments.


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I just love anything Princess! I grew up with 2 brothers, no sisters and had 2 sons, no daughters so I adore all things frilly & girly. From the princess castle to the ruffled plate, it is so perfect for your new Princess GD :)The food looks so yummy I just want to reach through my monitor and grab some for myself lol! Thanks for sharing CC!

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Marlene Kindred

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! Love the table, the princess castle and all of the food looks so inviting! Congratulations to you Grandma on your new granddaughter to come!

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Candy, that is absolutely darling! The most PERFECT "Its a Girl" table anyone could wish for. You did such a great job in every single detail and delightful, delicious desserts.
I chuckled at the poopy diapers. What a cute game, I'll have to pass that on to my DDIL in case she hosts any friend's showers. She'll love it.

Congratulations on the upcoming baby girl!
hugs, Karen

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Lovely Princess table. What a wonderful job you did of making everything look so special. I just can't believe how you find just the right things to go together and so many of them from the TS. Those chocolate covered strawberries had me drooling and all the rest of the food looked just as yummy. Great job, Candy, and congrats on the new granddaughter.


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How lovely! I bet she was tickled pink! Prayers for a safe delivery!

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Kath, the mini cheesecakes are DD's fav so I had to make those! The brownie pops were something new I tried and she has now added them to her new favorites list. Of course, the cupcakes had to be pink!!!

Marlene, this will make the DGK count at 10, 6 girls and 4 boys. Our oldest DGD just graduated from HS this past June and now we will have a brand new one, so quite a stair step range on the ages.

Karen, I am not much of a game person, but DD requested the diaper game, so I had to honor her request. It turned out to really be a lot of fun with all of the adults laughing hysterically and as the picture shows, grossing out the little ones!!

Luvs, thank you! I was very excited to find the castle as it was just what I had been looking for and the alternative was a $20 pinata from Target that was much larger and not as cute.
Also, all of the items that came from Doll. Tree really helped out on the budget. I was amazed to find the baking section in one of the larger stores and then to find the pink cupcake and the pink mini cupcake liners!! Score!! They didn't even have them in the baking section at Jo*Ann's. Just the pastel assorted ones, no solid color choices at all!
I really like the strawberries, the only drawback is they can't be made too far in advance.

Kathleen, clever pun!! Thank you for the prayers. Can't have too many of those.

Now we are working on the nursery, getting everything ready. The bassinet is the one I used for both my daughters, so that is very special to me. 4 of my 5 DGK's will have used it. The oldest DGS was born in Fla. so he was the only one not to use it. (The other 5 DGK's are my DH's)

Thanks everybody.

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Congrats to you & DD, candy!
The 'dirty diaper' pic w/the girls just tells it all! LOL! That is a precious pic!

Love how you used 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blu...I mean, PINK!' Everything is just so fit for a 'princess!' You did GREAT...& everything looks so yummy! I also am loving that drink dispenser! That will be such a asset for so many get-tog's in the future! Hugs to you & your DD & that soon-to-be GD! TFS your day! Jeanne S.

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Candy, I tried posting to this the other night and GW errored out. I love all of it. You put so much work into this and it's beautiful. The girls picture is priceless and I am giggling.


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Candy, I love how you decorated for the baby shower.
The castle is perfect. and the desserts look delicious.
The picture of the girls is delightful.

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Oh, I forgot to comment on how neat it was that you actually had a little toad to put next to the princess sign! Talk about all the details--that was a good one too! I've not made cake pops yet, but I've sure checked out the Bakerella web site to admire all her cute ones for every occassion. I used to make the mini cheesecakes for work potlucks quite often--should make some for us this week, thanks for the idea! Luvs

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How elegant That new Royal family in England should get a load of this !!!

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Candy, I can't believe that I hadn't posed on this, I think this hot weather has cooked my brain--it sure isn't working right. I remember telling my DD to pull up holidays on her computer when we were talking on the phone, and to look at the lovely shower pics that my friend had posted and we talked about how nice it was for quite a while, so I must have talked about it instead of posting. We were both impressed with the princess shower, and may borrow your idea for a couple of Birthday parties for GD and GGD. I love the castle, and sign and all you serving dishes just look perfect. My grand kids are spread out over quite a few years too, from 26 down to 20 months and I have 1 little GGD. Thanks for sharing. Janet

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