Ceiling fan in a master bath?

ruthie51May 15, 2013

When we were selecting options for our new home, I mentioned to the lighting/fan vendor that I wanted a ceiling fan in the master bath. I guess it's an age thing, but I tend to get very overheated when getting ready in the morning, especially when using my hair dryer. Anyway, he looked at me like I was crazy, so did the electrical contractor. I know there are ceiling fans meant for damp areas, so why did they react that way? It's not a small room so that wasn't an issue. They strongly discouraged me, so I let it go and now I use a regular fan on my countertop. What do you think about a ceiling fan in a master bath? Is it crazy?

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Probably because you want to get the damp air out of a bathroom, not push it down into the room again.

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Does it help if you turn out the bathroom exhaust fan? It would draw hot wet air out.

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I totally get the getting overheated issue (in fact, I finally got my doctor to prescribe an estrogen patch for me---you wouldn't believe how much better I am feeling...sort of off-topic, but since you didn't get the ceiling fan you wanted, maybe dealing with the hot flashes in another way may be a solution for you?)

Anyhow, I am sorry that you got talked out of what you wanted... someone here, (forgot who), has a ceiling fan in her bathroom. One of the advantages of getting older, is that I am learning to stick to my guns a little more, and get what I want. It's not crazy if it works for you...

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You're not crazy.
I have a very small bathroom and it can get quite warm. I LOVE the ceiling fan in that bathroom.
I'm redoing a bathroom in another location and it's getting a small ceiling fan too. Having a little circulation makes a huge difference. Of course neither of these locations has central air so it makes all the difference to have a ceiling fan. Before the ceiling fan I used a small fan sitting on the counter. The ceiling fan is much better.


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Ok, so I feel better now. Raehelen, it is hot flashes which come on with the slightest bit of provocation, such as a warm hairdryer or if I'm stressed for some reason, even with central air (it tends to get warm when the central air turns off between cycles). Fortunately, the counter fan does keep the air moving and makes a big difference (as susiemw stated). We do have recessed lighting with one can directly in the center of the room, so that can be converted to supply electricity to a ceiling fan. That may be our next project. Thanks, everyone!

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I am too young for hot flashes but I still get very warm quickly. My bathroom has a vent fan that works very well but the room does not cool down quickly enough for me to want to finish up all my bathroom activities, blowdrying hair, styling, etc. My bathroom is small so I have been considering the wall mounted fans. The Kaye from Matthews is my favorite. I hope you revisit the idea and get one installed. Several forum members have them installed in their bathrooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Matthews fans - wall mounted

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Thank you, homepro! I never heard of wall fans...that would work well in my bathroom. Will check it out more thoroughly.

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In the house I grew up in in Arizona, my parents had a small ceiling fan in the vanity area of their bathroom. We had one in the kitchen too (and just about every other room).

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Babka NorCal 9b

I am of "the age", and cannot have estrogen because of breast cancer. Oh, man do I ever totally understand the sudden flashing. I think a ceiling fan is a GREAT idea. Exhaust fans are important after taking a shower to remove moisture. But for those few minutes you flash, boy, howdy would a ceiling fan be so very welcome. You only need it for a short time and you can turn it off and let the shower fan exhaust all it likes. Add it now, so your makeup won't run down your cheeks, and you won't have to clutter up your new vanity or run to the kitchen to stick your head in the freezer. You can get one with a light, perhaps?


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Babka, your post make me laugh. I do hope you are doing well with your health now. I always use the exhaust fan, plus I keep the door wide open when I shower so the mirrors don't even fog up. The makeup running down my cheeks hasn't happened (yet), but I have had my hair frizz from my scalp sweating (TMI?). Meanwhile, the counter fan is doing a good job, but I would like to free up that counter space.

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Babka NorCal 9b



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We've had a ceiling fan in our master bathroom since we built our home...1981. I don't want to be hot/sweaty in there anymore than I do in the kitchen or my bedroom. I've never understood people's shock and the controversy. I saw the wall fans several years ago at a Parade of Homes tour. Great idea!

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My husband likes the ceiling fan in our bath as much as I do. I'm past hot flashes but our climate here can be hot and humid. We have ceiling fans in every room except the dining room - I don't like to have food get cold too quickly is only reason. We have central air but like to have the fans help us keep our thermostat setting as high as we can without discomfort.
My contractor just put it in our new hall bath without complaining or saying a word. He even used it to help dry the grout.

p.s. it is labeled as "Monte Carlo Mini / Petite Micro 24 WH" in case the link expires

Here is a link that might be useful: small ceiling fan for small bath

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