shwetagargOctober 23, 2008

I have been using the yellow long gloves for all my cleaning purposes.How can i save my gloves from tearing off...i am very carefull when working wearing them but it seems every month i have to use like two pairs of is turing out expensive.It costs $1 at walmart for a pair or maybe sometimes 2 pairs.

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Buy exam gloves. Cheap.

Here is a link that might be useful: 100 Gloves for $5.99

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I like the thicker yellow gloves because then I can use very hot water. I tried the exam gloves but they conduct heat too easily and are too hard to re-use. I stock up at the dollar store or at Big Lots. They are maybe a little thinner than the brand ones, but not so you'd notice.

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How about switching to non-toxic (green) cleaning products? You can then forget about using gloves.

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You'll still get dry skin from washing dishes. If a soap or detergent is capable of getting grease off your dishes, it will suck all the moisture out of your hands, "green" or not green.

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Carolpolki, Just plain hot water will ruin your hands too. Gloves also protect against bacteria entering skin through micro cuts and abrasions that you can get while cleaning or gardening. I don't care how "green" my toilet bowl cleaner is.........I'm still wearing gloves.

Because my hands sweat if I wear the gloves a long time I sometimes wear cotton gloves underneath. This helps insulate them from the hot water too.

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Oh I like the cotton gloves idea ... I wonder if it would work to do the hand lotion thing in the winter while I clean?! Then I'd have a clean house and soft hands!

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Dilly_dally, you're right about the bacteria entering cuts in your hands; however, with my cleaning products I never get those abrasions because there are no strong chemicals in them - yet - they clean as well as those that do have the chemicals, and you don't need to use scalding hot water either. Don't know about you, but I sure don't like to wear gloves when I'm working.

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Yes, the lotion-cotton gloves-rubber gloves combination will soothe your hands while you clean. Actually, lotion alone under gloves works in a pinch, but it does accumulate a bit on the inside of the gloves. I have never been good about wearing gloves for anything, including painting and repairing furniture finishes and gardening. It has taken a toll on my hands. By the time I'm too old to clean, I will probably glow in the dark from all the chemicals I've absorbed through my I have turned over a new leaf.
I use Gardener's Nail and Cuticle Care by Earth Therapeutics (from the natural food store) - and, no, I have no commercial connection with them - under gloves, and it is wonderful. To be more frugal, I alternate with plain old Vaseline.

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