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PurplemoonJuly 9, 2010

July 10th is Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

And then coming up is

July 17th Cow Appreciation Day

July 24th National Day of the Cowboy

Anybody want to play? LOL

hugs, Karen

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Sometimes things just don't work out as planned. Miss Rose Bear wanted to have a picnic and invite her friends. She had her picnic basket all packed, and her pretty lace n roses dress on, when she discovered it was just too darn HOT out for a picnic today. So she quickly decided to have a tea party instead. She 'borrowed' my late grandmother's demitasse tea set, made a pot of tea and got some little cakes to go with it. She called her 6 best friends, but sadly only two were able to come. Her "odd" friends.(kinda like mine) Teddy R, the Rough Rider Bear, is always ready to answer his country's call, so he dressed accordingly. Dustin, the Rainman Bear, is always so sure its going to rain on his parade (or picnic, or tea party)that he refuses to go anywhere without his bright yellow rain gear. Miss Rose got out her lovely pale green rose table-mat, her pretty blk 'n white bird scarf, and told some of her bird friends they could come and eat cake crumbs. So even tho the other 4 couldn't come, it was still a nice little tea party.

As for the four who didn't make it, Sgt Police Bear was on duty and couldn't get off work. Old Teddy Brown Bear's arthritis was bothering him and he felt he better take stay home and nap. Purple Plushbear already had a lunch date, so she sadly sent her regrets. Little Bear wanted to come very badly, but couldn't, so he cried and cried into his hanky.

Miss Rose is an original, handmade bear that I bought from a lady about 12 yrs ago. Dustin the Rainman Bear was a gift years ago from someone who said she'd never be a "Fair Weather Friend". LOL.
Teddy R the RoughRider Bear is around 20 yrs old, from a drugstore.
The 4 friends who couldn't attend the tea party are a mixed bunch too. Old Man Teddy Brown was my VERY FIRST bear when I was a toddler! So he's over 60 years old. Sgt Teddy Police-Bear was a must-have from eBay with my two sons being police officers. PURPLE Plush Bear needs no
explanation, LOL. But she came from Walgreens during one Spring season some years ago. And Tiny Bear who's crying came from same friend mentioned above, this time with the bear came a note saying "I'll Cry With You".
hugs from crazy ol' Karen

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Gosh, Karen. You have a sweet collection. And they all seems to have special meaning. I have more teddy bears somewhere, but can't locate them at the moment.
Here's my table.

I'm going to mark this on my calendar and do a better job next year.

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Bless you, OA. I am so glad you came out to play too!
I love the red n white checks, so cheerful... and a proper picnic setting! And the sunglasses 'n binoculars on the one bear is a hoot!

Miss Rose not only forgot to put flowers on her table,
she is making her friends eat with their paws and no silverware. ;o(
thanks, and hugs,

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Ahhh, PM, I loved your narrative! And what precious guests attended Miss Rose Bear's party! And even more precious ones that had to stay home! Wow, that's one "old brown bear" there! (said with a smirk cause I think we're from the same era!) Old brown teddy bear reminds me of the book, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" & the books fits you... "I see a purple horse lookin' at me!"
Whoops, rambling! Your g'ma's tea set is so elegant...and the linen you've chosen so beautiful...& I love that you've fed the crumbs to the little birds...very thoughtful!

OA...you've got one cool dude there with the sunglasses & binoculars...R&W t'scape, perfect for Teddy Bear's picnic...you forgot to bring out the ANTS! LOL!

Sorry I didn't get to join in...so busy & haven't caught up outdoors...but loving it, anyway! (well, rain, heat, humidity, weeds as tall as flowers!)...yeah, that's summer in Iowa! TFS! I enjoy lookin' so much! Jeanne S.

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Very adorable tablescapes, Karen and OA! So fun and wish I had the energy to run around my house and find some things to do one. I love bears and have quite a few, of course I always say they're for the Grands! LOL I'm sure I like them as well, or better, than they do!

I have a 45 record of The Teddy Bear's Picnic that's almost 60 years old. I could play it if we still had a record player! LOL

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Just beautiful. Love all the bears and the wares. Jeanne, I'm sure the ants will just show up on their on. They usually do.LOL

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Jeanne, I never heard of that Brown Bear book. Sounds like one I should have had too. LOL. Dang.

LG, using grandkids as an excuse to buy stuffed animals works every time. ;o) Since you have a lot of bears, I will have to try to remember to bug you NEXT July 10th
to have a picnic with them.

Thanks Creek, we certainly find ways to amuse ourselves here when no holidays.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, what a great little story to go along with your cute tea party! Loved every word of it, and it is so wonderful that you still have your first bear and your Grandma's tea set too.

OA, love the sunglasses and binoculars on your bear and is that a straw hat on the little one? Always love red/white checks too.

I don't have many bears--now if you want a rabbit tea party, those I have! LOL

When my granddaughter gets here, I'll show her this and see if she thinks we should do a tea party to share too. ;o)


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You girls did a good job. Of course Miss Rose bear is right up my alley, love the pink roses and lace. Karen, all your bears are really special. Luvs, your bears are certainly decked out for a picnic, too cute. And I see you used my favorite red casserole dish. The only bears I have are the ones I made from old quilts, next year I'll try to feed them.

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Brava Karen and OA! Teddy Bear picnic is adorable!

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Frou, thank you but that's OA's, not mine. I asked my little GD about trying to put one together, but it was so nice outside she preferred that. Maybe another time, I'll get one done.

Karen, this was a very cute idea! And just look at you doing 'scapes. ;o) Keep it up, gal, you're doing great!


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Wow, Luvs, I was sure your little GD would jump right in for a teddy bear picnic. LOL. Guess you're not having the weather we are. 109 today, but going up to 115 this week. Ugh.

I had fun with this silly setting, but know I'll never master the real stuff. I figure tho, if I can't be good, I can at least be entertaining. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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I thought she would too, Karen, normally she loves when we bring out "her" teapot and special yellow cups. However, I think the swing, digging in the dirt, and helping the dogs search the block wall for lizards won out this time! LOL

We're in the 80's this week, so it's wonderful. I'm happy if it stays out of the three digits! I've been taking walks in the morning and evening and loving the cool breeze. Gotta enjoy it while I can, I know the heat will come before summer is over! Then I give thanks daily for the inventor of air conditioning! LOL

Always love seeing all your wonderful items, and you really do have a knack for displaying things. Always love seeing your pictures. ;o)


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Ooops, forgot that one! Both of your tables turned out very nice, though. It's always fun to see creative tables. Twice in the past week I've set pretty tables (although not very creative like these here), but forgot to take pics of them until dinner was half eaten! This heat must be frying my brain cells! I'll try harder.

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