What should I use for new porcelain floor

jaksopcamOctober 14, 2009

We are at the tail end of a renovation project and the kitchen floor has been down for about a month. Workers with dirty boots have been stomping all over it but now that my kitchen is pretty much done and the work is tapering off I really want to give it a good clean.

The tile is porcelain and the grout was never sealed (I'm thinking after I get this good and clean I should seal it, yes?). One cleaner I picked up said not to use on unsealed grout as it may discolor it so I want to make sure to use the right product.

What cleaner do you recommend and how. If I need to get on my hands and knees for this initial cleaning then I'll do it. Should I then seal the grout and which product do you recommend? Going forward I was thinking of using a SH mop or Bona mop with water or Method cleaner or similar. I find cleaning a challenge and don't have alot of knowledge on the "hows" but really want to take care of this new kitchen and keep it looking good.

Thanks for any help.

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I'm using a low alkaline/low acidic cleaner that I bought on-line, for my porcelain tile. It's a natural product. Unfortunately the bottle is at the new house where I'm using it and I'm at the old house. I'll get the name for you tomorrow and post it.

Yes, by all means, seal that tile ASAP. The reason for the cleaner I use is also for the sealer. It will not diminsh its' sealing effectiveness. I used it on my foyer floor the other day and it left it looking like this. Absolutely no spots or dulling film.

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I have a 12 year old porcelain tile kitchen floor...I use 409 and a brush on the grout lines when it needs it.
You really can't hurt the tile....porcelain is harder and more impervious than stone.
But unless something is strongly acid like white vinegar, you won't hurt the grout.
Linda C

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Jaks, here is the link for the floor cleaner.

If you seal the grout you won't have to worry about dirt getting embedded and then it makes it easier to clean the floor. You have to reseal once a year to provide continuous protection.

This cleaner will ensure the grout sealer holds up. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: floor cleaner

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Thanks for the responses. Lindac, I had heard that about porcelain being really strong which is one of the reasons I picked it for the kitchen. Now I just need to get it really scrubbed clean and hopefully it will be easy enough to keep it that way. Brutuses, thanks for the link. I really like the idea of using a natural product. I had never heard of Neu. And wow, look at your floors! Makes me want to take my shoes off and go sliding in my socks - weeeeeee!!!

Any suggestions on a grout sealer and/or a mop to use?

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jaks, DH said he uses Customs brand penetrating sealer on the grout. It doesn't change the sheen or look of the grout, just penetrates to seal. He buys it at Home Depot.

I just use an old fashion string mop wrong out tightly with a mop bucket that some with a manual wringer basket. Walmart and K-Mart carry the buckets.

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A steam mop. That's all you need for porcelain tile. I have a Bissell steam mop. LOVE it! Yes, seal those grout lines for sure but don't expect that to keep them totally clean. It helps but they'll still get stained over time.

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We have porcelin tile on our patio. The installer said to clean it with nothing hot water and vinegar. Spic and Span, Mr. Clean, etc... all leaves residue.

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