Red, Red, Red for July T'scape! (pic heavy)

jeannespinesJuly 26, 2011

On July 4th, I posted Dollbaby & my buffet decked out for the holiday (link is below in case you missed it)...didn't get a t'scape done so wanted to do one yet before I change things in Aug (hopefully). And summer is so, so I wanted to share at least one t'scape a month! LOL!

So, you know I got my new dishes last month that we are using for every day ones now...thanks to 'Enablers 'R Us.' RED! I was seeing 'RED!' I didn't own a 'red' dish & I fell for this American Heritage Collection by Sonoma...well, my patience pd off & I did really good w/coupons & percent off deals!

Here's a placesetting...I used 'jelly jars' w/handles for the glasses & the Cambridge red flatware I just got a TJMaxx the other day for $12.99 for 16 pcs set (which of course, I may have been influenced by t'scapers on this forum who always have such beautiful flatware in diff colors & patterns!!!

Here's the other placesetting so that you can see the salad plates...which is my fav in the set..the placemats are 'bamboo' & were a TS find for $1 each..also the napkin rings look like 'bamboo' & they were a GS find, too:

Here's what I used for a centerpc...a TS basket I got in the past few mos, red cotton napkin (4 for $4) at TJMaxx...I love the 100% cotton ones! And these birdies I think I showed you in the past...ummm, bargain from somewhere!

And I re-used that little red pottery candleholder & faux candle...another view...went out & cut the Hydrangeas I couldn't see any other flowers that I thought would work:

Here's full view of the table:

And with buffet & Dollbaby:

Buffet top:

Buffet candles & basket:

And, of course, had to try a 'Candyshot'...LOL!

The weather is still miserable...we had a reprieve for one day & some rain a couple hard to garden...but the weeds love it! Also DH & I are still working on siding the house...slow but sure. Hope your day is a good one! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dollbaby's 4th of July & Buffet Vignette

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Jeanne, what a great TS!! I love all the punches of red and I remember how you told us your bargains when you bought the dishes. You really did exceptionally well with the store discounts and your coupons.
I also like the salad plates, as they are really cute!!

I wish my hydrangeas would look like that, but I think I am going to have to dig them up and relocate them as they just don't grow where they are now.

Everything coordinates so well and looks great with the buffet decor! The new flatware is the perfect complement to the dishes. I like the candyshot too!!

A wonderful summer table. Just so cheery and fun.
Great job,

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Red is always so festive and energizing. I love the way the buffet is decorated too. The Enablers R Us did a great job by making sure you purchased that flatware!

After the awful winter you had, NOW you are having a record setting summer! Mother Nature has really gone completely nuts this whole year with weather around the country! I don't know how those of you with high humidity can tolerate the heat, other than try to stay indoors.
I complain about feeling miserable when our humidity hits
30%, but we are pretty spoiled here with the dry heat. I might actually appreciate this summer after hearing what you guys are going thru!

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, Love your table!
I'm so glad your patience was rewarded and you were able to get the dishes. They are just right for your July table. I can picture them in many different settings.
The little birds look great with the basket of hydrangeas.
The table and buffet compliment each other perfectly.
Red flatware is next on my list of must haves...Enablers R Us is at it again!
Great Candy shot.
Did Dollbaby 'help' you set up your table? I'll bet she wanted to play with those birds LOL.


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Thanks, Holiday-ers!

Yes, that RED dish envy hit me hard in early June...the link is posted below...I am enjoying the dishes for everyday use!

candy...I guess the Hydrangea's like the heat this yr...they are doing good! These are out by my door arbor so they don't get watered by me...just nature's prerogative! LOL! Many plants just dried up & wilted even w/trying to hand water.

PM & nana...yes, 'Enablers R Us' have changed my attitude about alot of things! I guess RED flatware is a 'must' now! LOL!

I think Dollbaby is ready for a change ... cause she's been pretty quiet lately, nana!

This is the only way I can 'beat the heat' & humidity lately...this is my Gr-GS & me a last weekend...looks a bit mischevious, doesn't he! (& sometimes the pool water is just too darn hot!) Have a good one, 'Holiday-ers!' Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: OT ... I'm coveting these dishes!

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You are very naughty. You have definitely created a need in me. I think those plates are wonderful. I'll be off to Khol's tomorrow. I LOVE red and these will go with many of my other red things. Can't see what the butter plate has on it. Gosh! I hope I can find some. Your setting is so darn cute.
PS. The little fish that's with you is cute too!

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Jeanne, love all of your new dishes. So glad you picked up some colored flatware to add to your ts. It looks GREAT! This table is wonderful and goes so well with your buffet. The picture with your back splash showing in the mirror is neat and it all ties together.

This table looks so county and your glasses were the perfect choice. I never find any napkins at those kind of prices at TJM here but sure glad you got lucky.

Sweet cp, the little birds and basket go so well together. I'm jealous of your blooming Hydrangeas. I do have one plant that made it through the winter but no blooms yet. Is this normal?

Gosh August in just around the corner. Can't believe how fast time flies. Do you already have your dishes picked out for your next ts? I still need to get some napkins out to go on my ts but have been trying to catch up outside instead.

Now for you and DGGSon the pool, looks like your having fun..... Can't think of anything greater than sharing special times with this cute little guy. He does look like he could keep you going? I hope I'm lucky enough to live long enough to have GrGC too.


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LOL, OA! Good luck tomorrow at Kohl's...looks like it's still a good sale! I'm LOL cause you're one of the 'Enablers R Us' that got me buying 'red' dishes! (Kohl's link below to the dishes)

Also, LOL, punk...I'm a 'young' GrGma! Tee hee! Yes, I get to see him more this summer cause his Daddy is helping side our house on the weekends that the weather has allowed work. He is a keeper!

Thanks, gals! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohls Sonoma Dishes

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Jeanne...Everything looks great and you are having fun. What more can you ask?


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OA ...did your dishes come yet???
Aren't they beautiful! I am just lovin' the 'RED!'

Thanks, marylee...nope, can't ask for anything more! (except maybe I've been complainin' about the weather ...but we got a break the last 2 days & been outside working on the siding some more!) ;-) Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, hope OA sees this post and it motivates her to share another ts with us if she got her new dishes. She's been way to busy and I'm ready to see another one of her great creations.

Hope you will share pictures of your siding with us. If I thought residing would give me more time w/DGD I might consider.LOL Enjoy the pool and DGGS while we have this weather. We've had a few mornings that feel like fall and that's a scary thought already.


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I love your tablescape! Those dishes are so pretty!
you look very cool!

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Jeanne, you have a real knack for making everything look so inviting. Love red/white and your new dishes and silverware are certainly nice. Cute little birds too and I'm jealous that your hydrangeas are so pretty. I've had a couple for two or three years, moved their location once, and they still are not doing good. Sweet little dollbaby always looks so cute and so does your handsome grandson! Looks like you found a very good way to keep cool. TFS


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