BS high backguard/shelf oven vent location

rokahnMay 13, 2012

I'm considering a Blue Star range with a high (24") backguard and high shelf. In this configuration, where does the oven vent:

  1. at the height of the burners or

  2. does the high backguard contain a channel to conduct oven gases through the shelf and vent directly above, or

  3. something I'm not thinking of?

The range I'm considering comes with island trim so I'd have to discard that and purchase the high backguard. Do others recommend this high backguard/shelf configuration or should I just install a generic sheet of stainless and a stainless shelf to backsplash instead of these expensive BlueStar accessories?

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It extends the duct up to the top of the splash. If you havent already try to look at one of these. It wasn't what I was expecting. The shelf looks flimsey and out of place to me. The reason I was interested was that I was trying to make a salamander easier to install later if I wanted one. I thought you could set it on the shelf but you can't. The salamander wall mount screws into studs and the high splash would have to be removed. So I got a capped gas connection and a close by 120v jack at the salalmnder site 55" above the floor.

There's also an issue with disrupting airflow into the hood. The shelf has holes in it but it still has to have some effect. I don't think anybody on this board has ever given us a first hand report on this.

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I would add that surprising to me and to the experimenters who wrote a paper on this topic, a measurement of the effect of a shelf over a commercial range ventilated by a commercial hood revealed very little capture loss due to the presence of the shelf. I imagine that this result may need to be caveated by a dozen factors relating to hood size, flow rate, and presence or lack of side curtains (or cabinets), so I would only consider it positive news, not a guarantee.


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