Laminate floor for bathroom?

Bph2May 11, 2014

In our weekend cabin the two baths have ceramic tile. The grout is crumbling. We thought that is was probably due to the grout not being mixed to the correct consistency and started removing the grout in the hall bath. As we removed the grout most tiles easily lifted out. There was a thin set on the backer board and on the back of the tile. Now, we need to decide what type of flooring for the baths.

I am concerned that putting down more ceramic will result in the same situation. The floor seems to have slight high and low spots. And DH HATES laying ceramic tile. I don't blame him, I don't like being his tile assistant.

I have read differing opinions on laminate flooring for baths and read the Pergo installation requirements. We have installed laminate on two stairs landings in our primary home and it was much easier than tile. The hall bath does not get much use but one never knows when water will seep or leak.

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has used laminate in the bath and how they liked it.

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I have not used it in a bathroom as I would never consider doing so. Laminate typically has a composite base that can absorb water. All you need is one person who takes a shower and gets a puddle on the floor. The areas that pose the biggest risks are the edges of the flooring that meet the base of the tub or shower where it may be hard to get a good seal. If you have water on the floor that is not wiped up immediately, the flooring will start absorbing moisture and curl or swell permanently. Or, you could have an occasional small splash in the same area and over time you will get the same kind of deterioration. Maybe you and your guests and any children who are there will all be meticulous, but in my own experience I wouldn't count on it.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I have it in my kitchen and guest bathroom. It is warm, compared to tile.

See the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Laminate floors in bathrooms

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You can look at luxury vinyl tile. It is THICK vinyl and looks pretty nice, much nicer than old style vinyl, and it's pretty affordable too. We are going to use some fake wood plank luxury vinyl from Home Depot in our basement bath. Go check it out and see if it meets your expectations, because if it does, it will be a good fit for bath flooring.

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I have laminate wood look flooring in my kitchen. In front of my kitchen sink, where the flooring meets the cabinets, we haven't had any trouble with the moisture. However, in front of the fridge is a different story. I think it's partly because the weight of the fridge, but the floor very slightly bubbles up in front of it. You can't really see the actual lifting, but it is really noisy to step on. I'm certain the constant dripping of water from the fridge water dispenser has exacerbated it. Based on that experience, I would go so far to say vinyl would be better than laminate. But the people living here previously installed it, so i don't really know how much of the result is the quality of the product.

My husbands parents have a completely tiled, walk in shower with a seat in their 'guest suite.' They had trouble with the grout material cracking and crumbling on the seat, and it was new construction. Their contractor fixed it with a slightly more flexible grout material or mud. I don't remember what it was called, but I'm under the impression it's sort of a cross product, somewhere between grout and caulk. I wonder if using that kind of a material to lay tile there would be better than a traditional, less forgiving grout material?

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this_old_1969_ranch, we did look at the luxury vinyl tiles and liked the look. We will need to go with a stone or ceramic look because the flooring in the cabin is pine and I think using another wood look would not work.

We liked the grouted vinyl tiles better than the stone look laminate.

Has anyone used luxury vinyl tiles and then grouted with acrylic grout?

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