Compatible shower trim kit with Symmons valve?

nancitaMay 13, 2012

Hi all,

With all the wonderful advice from this forum, I can see the end of our bathrooms project. Here's another question; the plumber, unbeknownst to us, put in Symmons shower valves. Does that mean we have to use Symmons trim kits? They don't seem to have a very good selction from which to choose and we also we need matching faucets.

Thank you for all the help!

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The Symmons valves are excellent valves, they've been around for years.

But their trim kits are more functional than stylish.

I don't have any broad knowledge regarding what trim kits can fit other manufacturer's valve bodies. What I've had to do on the past is to look at the dimensions on the valve and trim kit spec sheets and compare.

Tedious for sure.

If you have a simple valve you have more options than with a multi-function valve.

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