Elegant Tablescapes, Inc (US)

janet1_2007July 24, 2011

I was surfing the web tonight and found this web site. I am not suggesting that anyone order from them; I was just floored at the prices they are charging for a "complete" tablescape. They do have some cute ideas, but I think our little group does much better with "found" objects from thrift store, bargin shopping, Yard and garage sales and shopping our homes. Just take a look and you will appreciate what you do on much less. Janet

Elegant Tablescapes,Inc(US) https://eleganttablescapes.com/pages.phb_id=2

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Link doesn't work, janet...when I copied & pasted. You try it & see what happens.

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Janet - I looked it up and posted the link below..
They do have nice ideas...(great to refer to) ...
but I agree WAY overboard in pricing !

Here is a link that might be useful: Elegant Tablescapes, Inc

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Sorry the link didn't work, but thanks Jane for posting the right link. Like you said great ideas to refer to, but WAY overboard on pricing. You can get great ideas, I realized that I have faux books 4 to be exact in graduated sizes that sit on an iron stand, that I bought at an auction, if I remember right for $12. I had never thought of breaking the set up to use an individual book in a tablescape. You just never know where you will find inspiration.

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Nice...I wonder how many orders they get? It's always fun to look at tablescapes so thanks much for sharing all these with us. Your faux books sound great.

I had never thought of mixing the different patterns of dishes on one ts until I came here and now I love it. I got my table reset tonight and will post a picture later.


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Whoa! Those cost some $$$! Just think, we'd be millionaires if we all got tog & sold our ideas! LOL! Yeah, right! I'll stick with just enjoying everyone on the forum! Jeanne S.

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They have very nice table decor, but I agree the members here do as well if not better and for a lot less!!

HMMMM, lets see: Christmas in July table
Pink tablecloth $1.99
Pink napkins,4 for $1.49
Pink chargers, 4 at 85c ea = $3.40
Holiday plates, 4 at 43c ea = $1.72
Heart soup bowls, $4.96
White salad plates $3.00
Pink candleabra $2.12
Mini tree $ .25
pink hearts $ .99
Pink ribbon $ .33
6 pink candles $3.87
Silver butter dish $1.87
Hot pink goblets $3.40
Rose goblets $2.00
Santa (clearance) $4.98
total $36.37
The table topper is heirloom as are the silver S & P shakers, and the flatware is my everyday that I bought with box top coupons many years ago. So, I don't have everything included, but still quite a bit less than what ETI charges!

I agree that the members here set tables every bit as elegant as those on the above website and I'm sure ours are almost universally much less expensive than the prices charged for those tables!

Plus, we have so much fun creating ours. No creative process involved if you just order a whole TableScape right off of the website and then you know there are other tables out there exactly the same.
We know ours are unique!!

I am not saying that the tables on the website aren't pretty. Just that the members here do as well on a budget and enjoy the creativity involved to boot!

Janet, thanks for sharing this website. I agree there were some cute ideas. It was fun to look at and get some ideas we can use on our own TS's.


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Neat site to browse, tho the prices had my jaw dropping.
And their tables aren't as pretty as the ones here!

I agree with Candy about the fun of creativity, and bargain hunting, for tables. Tho I can see why some people would just rather order the whole deal and not be bothered with the details! NOT fun!

hugs, Karen

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I finally took the time to browse that site. Didn't even bother looking at prices--but I have to say I really liked the bird tablescapes. Very cute! Thanks for sharing Janet. Luvs

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