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betsyhacOctober 23, 2010

Dear Graywings:

Did you ever get your Proteam backpack vacuum? I'm curious to know how you like it?


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No, I didn't get it. The company delayed the rollout of the hipstyle halfvac HEPA version a couple of times and I got tired of waiting. I'm still using my old Dyson canister. I'm thinking about a central vac system now.

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Hi Betsyhac,
I bought a proteam backpack vac a few years ago. It was the "home" model (not the Super Coach), so it comes with an electric nozzle for carpets as well as the bare floor tools. My only complaint with it is that the suction and airflow is not as powerful as I would like (especially compared to the Super Coach).

However, when I do a full-blown weekly housecleaning (in sequence the way I should do it), it is the best thing going. The cord stays out of the way and you're free to move furniture, get up to high surfaces, etc. I still love it for the ease of use.

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