Crackly sheets!

ginnierOctober 14, 2010

Our son bought us new sheets...2nd washing and they are still so noisy, that it wakes us up. We feel like we are sleeping on stiff tarps or something--at least sound-wise. They are comfortable and don't scrape our elbows or faces. Any ideas how to soften them up???

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What is the fabric content of these sheets? It should have been on the tag on the sheets and on the package. I can't believe cotton or even poly cotton would be noisy. It must be a different fabric than is usually found in sheets. Look at the label if you haven't torn it off. There's not much anyone can advise unless they know the fabric.

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100% cotton Made in India They have a shiny sort of sheen to them. I don't usually use a fabric softener, but I wonder if that's what it'll take to soften these up a bit.

You know how you try on a new jacket or raincoat and you can swish your elbow against your side? Some jackets are really noisy and some are almost silent.

I am a restless sleeper sometimes and these new sheets are not helping any (altho I did sleep really well last night; I have a feeling I'll get used to the sheets). Oh well....

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Try a 1/4 cup of baking soda to the wash water and 1/2 cup of white vinegar in your rinse water. baking soda and Vinegar are both fabric softeners.

Or use a 1/4 cup of hair conditioner mixed with 2 cups of water in the rinse water

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Do they have a no-iron finish on them? Just wondering?

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You must have the same sheets I purchased. They were deeply discounted at one of the larger stores. When I read this post, I looked at the content. Mine too are 100% cotton made in India. They are very "crackly" as you say. I've washed mine several times and they still haven't softened. However, they do seem VERY substantial and long wearing. I rec'd another set as a gift around the same time I purchased mine(much, much softer...however they're already starting to separate at the seams.) But not my crackly sheets! At least they're made well. Both sets 300 or 400 thread count....I think it has something to do with the process in which they're manufactured.

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Try putting a cup of vinegar in the pre-soak. It will not make your sheets smell like salad. It will act as a fabric softener and is most tolerated by those with sensitive skin.

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I'd just throw them in the clothes dryer with a few fabric sheets (dry) and let it run for an hour or so. This may waste some some energy but it should soften the sheets as well as impart a pleasant fragrance. Please don't come down on me folks-I've never had this problem so this is a "hypothetical" answer of what I would do if my sheets seem crackly.

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I recently bought 'Microfiber' sheets at Stein Mart on sale for $20 for a Queen set. I LOVE them. I have been very unhappy with sheets over the past few years, the 100% cotton, even the expensive, high-thread-count ones all come out of the dryer in a wrinkled mess. I've felt I had to iron them for the guest room. These microfiber sheets are super soft, smooth, light-weight and feel just wonderful. I've been using them for a couple of months now and still smile every time I slip into bed. They come out of the dryer without wrinkles.

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Hi ginnier (original poster), Has anything made a difference for your sheets? because mine have been washed multiple times, I still think it's the process in which they were made. Just curious......

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Years ago one could buy things that were labelled 'sanforized' (won't shrink)& seemed wrinkle-free also... wonder why the clothing industry has changed the type of cotton used now? I now try to stay away from 100% cotton just because of the need to not only iron them x the dryer but also they wrinkled while wearing them so now try & buy things of a blend of cotton & polyester. Except for sweats which I hate because of the 'pilling'! Someone said it was the polyester in the blend that did it & to buy sweats with the least smount of polyester mixed with the cotton... & it does seem to work!

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I have washed this set of sheets about 5 times. The last time I ran them in the dryer for a long time with a couple of dryer sheets. There's been no change in the noisiness of these sheets: too noisy to use! I have put them away upstairs.

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