Plumbing a stand alone tub

Aztec123May 20, 2014

Need a little help. We are currently refurbishing our master bath. There is a nice sized nook that a soaking tub will fit in nicely. We are going with a V+A standalone York. I have always assumed the tub filler would be on the far side of the tub, in the center, against the long wall of the nook. So when you walk in you see the tub, broadside, in its nook, with the filler on the far side (so you don�t have to step over it to get in the tub). Hopefully that makes sense.

Problem is my contractor is telling me it cannot be plumbed that way. He says it is frustrating that all the tub catalogs, and showrooms always show standalone tubs plumbed that way, but it is not possible. For any of them (i.e. not just my �nook� in my bathroom, or my plumbing). I think his contention is twofold � that there is not enough room between the tub and the wall for a plumber to work, and that the filler would stick too far into (over the edge of) the tub, unless the tub was pushed away from the wall a fair amount. Frankly I don�t care if the tub is pushed away from the wall a bit, the nook is plenty deep.

Is any of this making sense? Or do I have a lazy plumber? Does anyone have any pictures of real houses where it was plumbed this way?

Thanks for any help

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I'm going with lazy plumber.

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Call V&A tech support and ask.

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Sophie Wheeler

How wide is the tub? Having the filler across the tub becomes an issue when the tub is wide. You can't easily reach across to turn it off and on. That's why the filler usually goes to the narrow end.

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Good point! 31" wide. I'm sure I can reach it but will have to check with my wife. I will also call V&A tech support about installation.

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