vanity immediately adjacent to tub/shower?

kirkhallMay 21, 2012

Does anyone have a vanity (double sink) immediately next to their standing shower/tub?

If so, can you post pictures and describe how it functions for your family?

I am considering this setup for a hall bath--ie, the one that a family would use to bathe small kids. I wonder if having the vanity right next to the tub would make it too difficult to reach in to wash off soapy water, etc while batheing the littles. (the vanity would be along the long wall; the tub 90* to it and right next to it. It would be a standard size tub).

Pictures would be fabulous! Also, is your vanity counter 18" deep, or 24"? Is there a gap between? Is a gap required by code (like it is for a toilet)?

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I do not have this but stay with a friend in Manhattan who has this since bathrooms are small. The vanity is 21" deep.
It is a single vanity.

60" tub-21" deep vanity= 39" clear space at front surface of tub. There is about a 3" gap between the edge of the vanity and the tub.

More would be preferable. I would say a 5" is comfortable for me to lay my hand flat while cleaning this area.(And I have small hands) The floor does accumulate a lot of lint, hair and stuff in that area.

The steam has affected the finish on that side of the vanity since the showerhead and tub filler are both on that end of the tub. Make sure you have a durable finish.

I would say you might be better served by a slightly oversized single vanity and a bit more space there. Are two individuals going to be running the water in the sink at exactly the same time? My own experience has been that a larger mirror and counterspace are important for sharing but that two people, especially kids will not be doing things exactly at the same time--two people can brush teeth using the same sink if the mirror is big enough.

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We have this setup in our rental. I think it is an 18" deep vanity, and about 6" in between the tub and vanity. We bathe our DS in the tub all the time and I've never thought of the vanity getting in the way. He still uses an infant insert tub though.

I would say it's not ideal, but not the end of the world either..

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Fori is not pleased

If you could work the plumbing so that the faucet is on the end opposite the vanity, it would make hosing off little ones a little easier, as well as just being easier to reach the controls.

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Thank you!
I'm getting closer to a plan that I like for my upstairs, and will soon post plan A and B for comment. This helps a bit though. And, the picture does especially.
And, thanks for reminding me about cleaning between the vanity and tub on the floor. I probably would have forgotten about that.

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