Help! SLC in Bathroom

sushimaster99May 7, 2013

Ok, DYI here. Bathroom is down to studs on all walls and ceiling. Demo'ed the old 1950's bathroom of existing file, mud and concrete screeded mesh on walls and floor.

My joists run from X to Y, with old floor Planks on top with 1/8 inch gaps between.

** Bathroom Layout **
Exterior House Wall
----------------------- X
: :
: T :
: U :
: B :
: :
: :
------------+++++-- Y

Putting in the tub now and now see I have a High Side of the bathroom located along X that pitches down to Y by about a 1/4 of an inch. This is throwing off putting my tub in level.

What I would like to do.
Put Hardie Backer over floor boards. Use either THINSET or SELF LEVELING CONCRETE on top of the Hardie Backer to bring to floor back to level.

Then my tub and tiles on remaining floor space can sit level.

I would be hugely in appreciation if anyone in the know, could give me their thoughts on this strategy.


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For a cast iron tub (with feet) you can use some 4" square electrical box covers for shims.

For an acrylic tub that is set in mortar - install the back and side supports level. The mortar will take up the difference.

SLC is for making the floor flat (not level.)

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