Best dishwashing detergent

marie26October 10, 2005

I wanted to share this with everyone. I purchased the Dawn Direct Foam Dishwashing Foam and it is the best detergent I have ever used for handwashing dishes and pots. It makes the chore almost enjoyable. Only a tiny bit of foam is needed at a time and it literally takes seconds to clean a pan full of bacon grease.

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Really! Well, Dawn has always had the reputation for being the best grease cutter. Thanks for cluing us in. I saw it at Target, but it was so much higher than the cheap stuff that I did not buy it. I will try it though.

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I think I read that rescue groups here in Southern California use Dawn to clean sea birds (pelicans, etc) damaged by oil spills. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

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Yes, it is known for being a great grease cutter, and also for causing problems with the skin on your hands because it is so harsh. So I stick with my favorite Joy as I get skin problems enough from all sorts of things and would rather avoid them.

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The bottle says it is also an antibacterial hand soap. I use a brush for cleaning, though, so this never comes in contact with my skin.

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I haven't tried this and won't. I have used Dawn since its dawn of time and it works great. A premium price for washing dishes? I will pay it when the dishes wash themselves. LOL

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You can get a coupon here...

Here is a link that might be useful: Coupon for Dawn Direct Foam

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It might cost more but I can squeeze just the tiniest drop out of the bottle and that's all I need. With the ordinary dishwashing detergent bottles, no matter how I try just to get a small drop out of the bottle, I always end up squirting much more than I need. So, I don't think I am wasting my money with this product. The tiniest drop on my long handled brush is all I need and it goes a long way.

Am I the only one who has tried this product?

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I tried it several weeks ago but I must admit, I wasn't paying a lot of attention. So, I just tried it on two roasting pans that I used for dinner last night. Now I know why I didn't pay a lot of attention last time...I was like wiping off any non-grease residue so it seemed like no big deal. But when I focused on the task and realized that it was "grease" that I was cleaning off--it was amazing! I just did one pump on each pan and wiped with a sponge-Voile, gone with no greasy residue.

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Mustangs, thanks for the coupon info, but I would never provide all that personal information just to get a $1 coupon!

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I have a bottle of that Dawn it! I never liked the way regular detergent bottles got all goopy on the top and the plunger bottle on the foam prevents that build up.
It is pricey though. Now I wonder can I use that same bottle with regular Dawn when this runs out?

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I tried the foam on my glass cook top thinking that it would be just the thing to clean grease splatters before I Windexed then miracle clothed a shine. I was very challenging to get the residue off.

Dragonfly, I say a regular bottle packaged with a giant bottle of refill at Sam's Club for $8. I am thinking it would last long enough to justify the cost.

Socks, Sorry to have bothered you with the information.

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I have the feeling that the "trick" with the foamy Dawn is in the way it is dispensed.

I got my first two at 2 for $5.00 at our Krogers.

I'm thinking to do the "refill" test with regular dawn to see if it will do the same thing! It has to be the dispenser with maybe more water in the mix!

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I don't want to hi-jack this thread, but I am curious Hey J what you think of Krogers? A friend in Ohio calls it crappy Krogers. I have been in several Frys in the SW and they seem to be on the seedy side. Here the Krogers stores are Fred Meyer and QFC. QFC is a level above Safeway and Albertsons. Anybody else care to comment? Where do you shop? I have 6 different stores that I use on a regular basis.

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When I lived in Ohio (Springfield) I loved my Kroger, it was newly redone and very nice and clean.
When we moved here (smalltown TN) I discovered one of the crappiest Krogers I've ever been in...I hate it. It's small and junky although the workers are very nice...but I still shop there because some days I just can't deal with WalMart.

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I like Dawn for dishwashing but I've found that I really like the Palmolive Dishwipes an awful lot. I ignored them when they first came out but did buy a sample pack of 4 for $1 at the check out stand. I liked them so much I started looking for them in the stores and can hardly find them but was able to get a couple of boxes. They are rather expensive but I can get about 6 dishloads out of one and when the soap is all gone they are great for just scrubbing and when they are almost gone I use them to scrub spots on the floor or take to the bathroom for scrubbing down the sides of the tub.
I keep a bottle of any kind of DW liquid by the door so I can spurt it on an ant hill if I se one. That wipes them out almost instantly.

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I have a bottle of Caldrea dishwashing liquid. Smells real purdy but it does NOT do the job as well as Dawn. I use it for lightly soiled stuff.

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Hi! I'm Woodie from the cooking forum and I've found a few friends over here. I have a cottage on a lake and we use the lake water for drinking and for everything. My opinion is that the water has A LOT to do with the results that you get from whatever your product is. We don't have a dishwasher at 'the lake' and I have used Dawn ever since I can remember, don't really pay much attention to anything new, I guess I feel 'don't mess with success'. I also use Dawn at home (with city water and a dishwasher) and I find that it dissolves/mixes better with the city water - if I'm describing it properly, and seems more efficient with the city water than the pure lake water. Just an opinion that maybe the water makes a difference in performance.

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Last night, I was defrosting spaghetti sauce in an aluminum pot and I ended up burning the bottom of the pot. I decided that I'd deal with it today but put in some of this detergent with water to soak overnight. I happened to go over to the sink a short time later and the burnt bottom was gone. I didn't need to do any scrubbing whatsoever. I had a pan that had baked on food in it so I put detergent in it as well to soak. Within minutes (seconds), the baked on food just came off the sides of the pan.

I think I'm going to write to the company, something I've never done before, because I'm so impressed with this product.

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I'm sorry "Gandb"--I haven't revisited this thread in awhile, I see!

The Kroger stores in our town (Dayton area) are very nice. Most are the "super-stores" and I don't mind shopping in them at all. I prefer our "Meijer's" stores for produce though--I think their variety is better.


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Do you live in Dayton? We moved to TN a few years ago from Springfield....pretty close!

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Hey_J, I grew up in Dayton. We always shopped at Kroger. They always seemed cleaner than the competition, at least in my neighborhood. But that was a looooong time ago.

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I tried putting regular Dawn in a Dawn Direct Foam dispenser and it basically clogged it up. So they are not interchangeable.

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I started using a "foaming" spray bottle to put some diluted dish soap into for a quick cleanup of just a few things and it worked very well. I got one of the Direct Foam as part of a gift package and I like it. I've heard of people refilling it with ordinary soap but perhaps the secret is to dilute it?

Been a long time convert to Joy and Dawn. I can't tell the difference between them. They both work equally well for me. I've also switched mostly to the bleach alternative version too. I like that. Dawn & Joy are great stuff!

There's coupons in the paper for Direct Foam (and of course other Dawn & Joy) often. P&G has their monthly insert in the Sunday paper that includes Dawn & Joy. I used the $1 coupon at Rainbow on their double coupon day and took $2 off the bottle. So I picked up an extra. It lasts a long time. I use the Direct Foam a lot for a hand soap dispenser at the sink so I don't need another one, and it replaced my foaming spray bottle idea. And when I just have a coffee cup or a couple utensils, it's great for a quick cleanup. Also use it for a carpet cleaner. Little squirt onto a paper towel and then a wet paper towel to rinse for a spill.

Another great item is the Dawn Power Dissolver. That takes the crud off my bakeware from when I used Pam. That stuff is hard to get off. I quit using Pam since I figured what's it doing to my insides when it becomes such a rock on the cookware?!

The tip on the ants reminded me that I found an article by Mary Hunt in her Cheapskate column. Can't find the link to it on the web and so people don't have to sign up here's some of the hints she had. I imagine some things might apply to any dish soap, but this is the article:
"Original blue Dawn takes care of chores beyond dishwashing
Pioneer Press Article Last Updated: 05/14/2007 03:40:28 PM CDT

Take a look under the sink where you keep your cleaning products. See a bottle of original blue Dawn dishwashing liquid? Say hello to a versatile and surprisingly multipurpose household product.

Ice pack: Partially fill a strong zipper-type sandwich bag with Dawn liquid, close and freeze. Just to be safe, double bag it. The liquid soap stays cold much longer, and it can be refrozen many times. It will conform to whatever shape you need an ice pack to be.

Bubble party: Combine 10 parts distilled water and 1 part Dawn to make your own bubble solution. And add ¼ part white corn syrup (like Karo) if you want to make sturdier bubbles. Gather up objects like clean soup cans that have both ends cut off or hula hoops with makeshift handles attached. If you want to, you can pour the solution into a plastic kiddy pool and make huge bubbles. Turn it into a scientific experiment and go on a hunt for bubble-making items in your kitchen. This is a super-cheap idea that's lots of fun.

Hand degreaser: Forget those pricey automotive hand cleaners. Full-strength blue Dawn cuts through grease and gets hands and nails clean with no harsh chemicals.

Clean automotive tools: Soak them in a solution of Dawn before you put them away to remove all the oil and grime. As a bonus, Dawn will help prevent rust from forming on the tools.

Manicure secret: Soak fingers in full-strength blue Dawn. It makes the cuticles soft and easy to work with. And it removes the natural oil from the fingernails, which allows the polish to adhere well.

Repel ants: Spray countertops, cupboards and any other area where you see ants with a solution of Dawn and water. Wipe dry. The slight residue of Dawn that remains will not be a problem for kids or pets, but ants hate it. Should you see ants, go ahead and hit them with the Dawn spray. You'll see. It will kill them.

Bathroom cleaner: Original blue Dawn has some kind of miraculous quality about it that makes it "melt" through stubborn soap scum and hideous buildup on showers and tubs, no matter whether porcelain, acrylic or fiberglass. Use it straight up, and you'll bless the day you read this column.

Hair product buildup: Once a month, use original Dawn as you would shampoo. It will remove excess oil from your hair and scalp and strip away any buildup of styling products - without damage. Perform this once a month, and you won't have to buy expensive salon products that do the same thing.

Stain spotter: Original blue Dawn used full-strength gets just about any kind of spot out of washables. Keep a small squeeze bottle in the laundry room so it's always handy.

Bonus: Dawn dishwashing liquid is biodegradable, while other chemical solvents may not be.

I've even started carrying a tiny spray bottle of diluted Dawn with me when I travel in case I have to clean utensils or something. I've never tried it as a shampoo substitute but might be one less thing to carry when I travel if it works well, and why shouldn't it? I use it for hand soap in the bathroom and kitchen for that matter. It's one of few products to which I'm brand-loyal. But I don't like all the new scents. I don't want smell, I want it to work.

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I keep Dawn Original, Joy lemon, Palmolive original. Each have specific purposes for my uses.
Maid one day takes three partial bottles and mixed them all together.

I went to wash sunglasses with the Joy. Darn!

Next time she came I said something along the lines of 'I hope you know I cant wash my reading glasses and sunglasses anymore until I go to the grocery. She was curious; 'why not? Because you mixed all the dang dish washing soap together! Amonia kills the coatings!
She laughed, it wasnt funny.

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You can use any hand washing dish detergent in the "foamy" dispensers. Make sure that you do dilute it. First fill the bottle about 3/4 full of water, then add some detergent. Put the pump on and slightly shake to mix. Now you are ready.

If you use straight detergent, it will be too heavy to foam up. Water and air are needed to foam up, hence the reason for the funny looking pump.

I have been using the "foamy" pump since before P&G came out with the Dawn Direct Foam. I used a Dial foam handsoap dispenser and made my own mixture. Right now, I think I have a mixture made with Palmolive.

All these dispensers do is control the amount of detergent dispensed. After you make your own mixture, figure out how much more you are spending for that Dawn refill-very expensive compared to a regular bottle of Dawn.

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mikie, best eyeglass cleaner I've found is a microfiber cloth. Took one and cut into about 4 pieces and spread them around. A little hot breath and a quick wipe and the glasses are spotless. If something splashes on them, a quick rinse and a wipe with the microfiber cloth. Give it a try.

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I actualy think DISH DROPS is the best i have ever used, it contains only natural and organics and has no harmful chemicals or bleaches. it does 2 things, 1. moiturizes your hand while you are washing dishes 2. you can even wash your fruits and vegetables in a 5 to 1 diultion of dish drops. oh and 3. it saves you so much more money because its concentrated and use a lot less so if this isnt the best detergent what is? you guys should read up more about it from here

Here is a link that might be useful: dish drops link

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If we're talking about hand washing, Dishmate, grapefruit, by Earth Friendly Products. It's all natural and, IMHO, better than the "regular" products, like Dawn. I think it's the grapefruit oil which helps cut grease. For the dishwasher I use the Seventh Generation detergent and the Wave Jet rinse aid, also by Earth Friendly Products. It takes a little extra rinsing of the dishes beforehand but it's worth it. Since Seventh Generation doesn't contain chlorine I can really smell it at someone else's house. It's really amazing how we don't notice what we're breathing in every day until we stop using those products.

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Question--I was told by a tree expert--to spray Dawn soap (mixed with water)
on a Spruce Tree to get rid of a tree disease. The disease
is Spruce Gall adelgid (white specks on the needles) Could you send me info if this works and how often should I spray
the tree.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

sheilajoyce, I was surprised to see your note about Dawn being bad for the hands. I have used Dawn for many, many, many years and it has never given me problems with my hands.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Just realized that message is an old one or I would not have replied.

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