Awkward Builder Moment :-/

gaonmymindApril 11, 2012 we had been working with a building during our lot buying process. We never promised him anything or told him we definitely would use him. However, we planned to use him since we had recommendations and had been helpful so far.

Recently we ran into some pricing issues with him and felt we couldn't get a clear answer. He told us one thing, but then changed his story. Anyway, because of this we decided to shop around.

In this process I accidently sent an email to him instead of another builder. It just was some pics and asking for a spec/ pricing sheet. Nothing major. He called me to tell me I sent it to him.

It was kinda awkward for me since we did not tell him we decided to shop it around. My husband said he shouldn't be surprised. That he would have us in contract right now if he had not given us a song and dance on the pricing issue. Besides that, he was sorta rude and made us feel like our job was small compared to the other projects he has. But I don't think he meant to.

He is a very nice guy, so that is what makes me feel bad. My husband says it's part of doing business and we have to protect ourselves and investment. I know he is right, but I still feel weird.

Anyone else have awkward moments with a builder?

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We haven't had anything yet but then we are still beating around the bush with the final package price.

We are purchasing the land from the builder & really like him but price is KING & the purchase of the land is not contingent on him doing any building on it if we wanted to go somewhere else.

I think the awkward moment - will be trying to convince him that we want everything & the kitchen sink for $X only.

We don't want to insult him but the fact of the matter is that the market is selling @ $X-5% & we can't justify having anything done @ $X+5%!

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Try mixing up your girlfriends/boyfriends just once if you want awkward. Jeeeze, Marie!

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Worthy- LOL!

Ga- I agree with your husband...this is about your house and your investment. You'll probably offend and be offended, several times during this process. Most of the time, it will probably not be intentional, but just keep your head up, be pleasant and if it helps...treat this process like you're doing it for someone else...maybe your mom.

It was much easier for me to go 'kick a little rear end' once in a while, when it was my mom's new house, on the line. I think I'd do the same with my own build, but I know I was very particular, but hopefully fair...when it came to her home :)

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Builders have thick skin. If they don't they should!

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Actually you very well may have done the right thing completely by accident, now he see's your actually doing your homework and seeking competitive bids. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting other prices, it is called keeping people honest and happens every day in this industry. And dyno is correct that builders need to have thick skin if they do not!!!

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Looks like it's time to get over it. I am usually not this sensitive. I think it's pregnancy hormones :-/

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Ugh. I hate awkward moments like that. I do think it's a huge red flag if you're having second thoughts on the first builder. We had such a difficult time finding a builder, but in the end (our 6th attempt) we found a wonderful builder. We are so pleased with how things have been going. Hopefully we'll be just as happy in the fall when we move into our new house. It was definitely worth the headache and frustration of searching around.

If you're having doubts during the presale stage, then just try to imagine what the relationship will be like once you sign and give them money.

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