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lonestarladyMay 31, 2014

We are renovating an upstairs bath, replacing the tub with a large shower. The guy doing the work suggested a rainfall shower, but I'm not sure that would work as well. Those of you who do have it, what are your thoughts? Personally, I prefer being able to step away from the water while I shampoo or lather. With water coming straight down, would shampoo not be more likely to get in your eyes? This bathroom will be used mostly by the 9 grandsons when they visit, and they're still young, ranging in ages 6 to 11.

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We have Hansgrohe "air" rain shower heads in our two upstairs bathrooms (they make different models/sizes). Ours are wall mounted, like "normal" shower heads.

The "air" feature gives the shower head more oomph than typical rain shower heads (good for rinsing hair), while still providing a relaxing, rain shower feel. Ours have three settings; rain, mix, pulse/massage. I typically dislike massage-shower heads--never use the massage feature, but I like the one on this shower head, and do use it when I have an achy back, neck, shoulders...

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I love my rain shower. I've used it a week now. I was thinking that a rain shower head would be very nice for children as it is not so strong and scary. It is a fairly gentle rain.

Mine is a Hansgrohe Raindance with an integrated waterfall. It is 8"x17" and really encases one in a shower experience. I have a handheld as well for more shower power. But my overhead shower is great and I am finding that I use the handheld only to rinse down the shower. I would always want a handheld regardless, for cleaning purposes.

The set up I have would not be what you would want for a bunch of boys :) But I bet they would love a rain shower.

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We have an overhead rain shower and a shower head-height wall mounted handheld in our shower. I hate the rain shower- not forceful enough- and only use the handheld. My husband loves the rain shower and uses it exclusively. Your grandsons might like it, though. It might be a novelty for them.

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We have a rainshower head that comes out from the wall, as well as a sliding handheld with adjustable sprays on a rod.

Like sas95, I use the handheld (more power and selection) and my husband and daughter use the rainshower. I've used other rain shower heads and never had an issue with stepping away from the water or soap in eyes.

If we only had the rainshower head, I would be fine, as the there is plenty of water, though my showers would have to be longer to properly rinse my thick hair. Good luck with your decision.

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Not to hijack, but this is a great thread. I have the same questions as the OP.

Gildee, can I ask who makes your shower handheld? It looks similar to something in the symmons line, but haven't been able to see one in person.

Enduring- is your rainfall able to be ceiling mounted?

I hope others chime in. For some reason I've had a harder time making this decision than anything else. Well, except the tile border, and the tub, and the......lol


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Kohler makes my shower handheld, model #K8501-CP "3W H/SHWR INVIGORATING *MASTER CP" from my invoice, around $90, ordered in 11/2013.

This handheld was the only exception in my otherwise all Kohler's Artifacts order. My sales person recommended it because of its weight (light) and function (3 spray types), and I'm very happy with it.

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Southofsa, I think it might. I have an unconditioned attic so didn't consider ceiling mounted fixture. This Hansgrohe has a waterfall feature integrated into the rain head and is great for rinsing soap if you have thick hair. These are an investment though according to my modest standards and quite a luxury. I love mine. If you go this route it takes some careful figuring out of all the valves and setup. The tech support was very helpful and I would advise getting support from them before you buy and before you rough-in.

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As an aside, make sure you understand the flow requirements of these shower heads. An extreme example was the fellow who installed a 15gpm shower head. He was surprised that his 40 gallon water heater wouldn't feed it. "...but that was a $6,200 shower head." Yes, but it didn't heat the water. Your decision is not just the fixture, but the entire system which has to work together.

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Yes, important information Jackfre!!!

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Thanks Gildee and Enduring


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Thank you all for your input! I may look into the wall mounted rainfall shower. Gildee and CatMom, can you adjust the shower head to yours...angling it, or is it stationary? I debated about the handheld one, but can't have too many 'fun' things in there, otherwise the boys are likely to get water all over the place! lol!

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Ours can be adjusted/angled . DH angles the showerhead in "his" bathroom slightly more outward than I do in "my" bathroom (FWIW, I am 5'3"-5'4", and DH is 5'8.5").

We used a short, angled showerhead mount (I don't think it's a Hansgrohe). I can look up the exact size/manuf. for you if you'd like.

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I have one of these and I love it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Thunderhead

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Yes, that would be great, CatMom! Thank you!

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Sorry for the delay!

Both bathrooms have 1/2" X 6" Jaclo 8031-SN (satin nickel) shower arms.
We used Jaclo 6015-SN round escutcheons with them.


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Thank you very much!!

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The Delta in2ition shower heads offer the best of both worlds. When both the handheld and the ring are flowing, it's a big wide pattern like a rainfall head, yet you can switch either of them off for mucho flexibility. We've been using the in2ition heads for about four years now, and love 'em.
Perhaps they aren't "sexy"-looking enough for some, but it's hard to beat their utility and performance.

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We have extremely positive experience with our rainfall shower.

Moen Delta Arzo Custom Contemporary Vertical Spa Rain Shower Handshower

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I have the Rohl fixtures. The rainfall shower head is mounted to the ceiling. I also gave a regular wall mounted shower head and a handheld shower on a sliding bar. The rainfall shower is relaxing, but you need a regular shower head with pulsating pressure to get the shampoo out of your hair.

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