Need a wall mounted roman tub filler with enough gpm

cocokeyMay 15, 2012

We are installing a small master bathroom in conjunction with a major reno. Unfortunately there is very little to no room for a deck around my new Meridian 50 Bain ( 45 gallon capacity)air tub, so my GC incorporated a knee wall and suggested we use a wall mounted tub filler. After reading some posts here, I learned about the gallon per minute flow rate One salesman recomended at least 4 to 7 gpm for my size tub. is this true? I also want a spray to make cleaning the tub easier.

Here are my questions:

1. Does anyone know of any wall mounted roman tub faucets that have a 4 to 7 gpm flow rate?... all the ones i am finding (very few)(in my price zone!) are 2 to 2.5.If I find a wall mounted faucet I plan to put the hand spray on the tub itself.

2. I did find one

JADO) with the spray hose attached(victorian style)Won't 60 inches worth of hose get in the way... esp in a smaller tub like mine? Thoughts on this welcome!

3. It turns out I do have 4 inches of space that might allow a very, very,small deck to be built in front of the long end (60 inches) of the tub where I will have azec paneling - Should I add a small 4 inch deck here and switch back to a one handled deck mounted faucet installed on one corner of the tub itself with a spray in the opposing corner, both away from the point of entry into the tub? There seem to be so many more deck mounted options when I look online- all w/ large gpm fill rates.

Any suggestions on the problem are welcome (i've never done this before... can you tell?)

Here is a link that might be useful: Jado

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