Black 'n Pink

milosmom_gwJuly 14, 2012

Survived the visiting children midweek and had girlfriends stopping by last night to start plotting out holiday ideas so had to hurry and do something more grown - up. lol

The table ...

I didn't have 6 matching chargers so had to cheat but will remedy that with a shopping trip another time.

With not much time to spare, the centerpiece was kept simple...

The china cabinet....

I usually don't like decorating with pink since it doesn't go well with the rest of the house but the tc jumped out at me on a prior excursion so I can say I used it at least once. LOL

As a rare occurance , I actually liked it so much that I cleaned up and put it back after we used it to enjoy it for awhile.

We all have trips and different things coming up in the next few months so future get togethers will have to be spur of the moment. I don't cook much anymore though so thank goodness for good take-out. lol

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The black 'n pink combo is just gorgeous! What an elegant tablesetting! The soft pink of the tablecloth is perfect,
that is my favorite shade of pink in fact. (thanks to certain enablers here making me a "Pinkie" after so many years of avoiding it totally.)

I bet your friends felt pretty special at this table!
hugs, Karen

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MM, your Black n'Pink table is lovely.
The soft pink tablecloth combined with the silver chargers, black dishes and glassware is elegant.
I think the centerpiece is perfect.
Once again your CC matches the table beautifully.
the silver trays and touches of pink is striking.
I can hear your friends oohing and aahing from here.


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MM, your pink and black ts and china cab is stunning.
Love how you used so many candles in the c. cabinet.
Karen and Nana summed it up perfectly. I don't think
you can go wrong using black with any color on a ts.
I have always been a pink kinda girl so love this.

Hope you and DF's had a wonderful time. Did you come
up with some neat ideas for the Holidays you want to
share with us?


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Marlene Kindred

Black and pink always reminds me of the 30's and 40's time frame...when the decor was elegant and sleek looking. Pretty table and I'm sure you and your GFs had a great time!

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Very elegant and pretty.
I agree that is a lovely shade of pink. I'm sure your GF's felt special and I would never have noticed that the chargers didn't match if you hadn't pointed it out.

What kind of holiday plans are you making?

Glad you had time to share this with us and meet with your friends.


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Looks quite elegant ...I esp like the 'banded' glassware ... don't have much 'pink' here for t'scaping either...but the pink/black combo sure is classy! I think we have the same black plates ...looks so good w/silver flatware & crystal bowls. TFS, MM...looks like a good time w/your friends! Jeanne S.

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Thank you everyone :).
There are 3 of us as a general rule that get together from time to time and work on projects , trade pieces, share ideas ect. One brought her daughter and 2 brought friends so it was a bigger group this time.
We usually start getting together in June and share our Christmas color schemes for the year. Since we have several of the same friends, we made it a rule at the beginning years ago that no 2 would do the same colors in the same year and it's been really nice. More fun to make the rounds that way.
I shared my little end table that is going to hold the tree and it met with group
I won't give mine away but of my 2 deco buddies, one is doing purple/silver and one is doing a greenery,white and gold.
One of the friends is doing red/gold and berry accents and the other one is strictly traditional (I hadn't met her before but we didn't hit it off to well as you can imagine but each to their own.... *hiding*. lol)
We didn't get very far but there's still a bit of time if we squeeze around all of our trips. friend 1 is going to Vegas in Sept , Friend 2 is going to Florida in early Oct and DH & I are taking a short trip to Atlanta in late Oct to meet some friends from PA and attend an event.
I'm going to be dragging wagon to keep up...LOL

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Lovely table, and what a great idea to get together and plan for your holiday decor and share new ideas. The silver, black, pink is so very pretty together. Luvs

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