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milosmom_gwJuly 25, 2012

It's horridly hot so I'm starting to think Christmas. I was at the GW the other day whilst Stepdad was in the Dr and found this ....

3 whole dollars but not the right colors for this years scheme.

No problem ..... A little tugging and dismantling later..

I went out to gather a few more sprigs of greenery. My mission was rapidly curbed when I opened the door to the Christmas Shed and several angry red wasps came roaring out.

I am deathly allergic so quickly closed the door and retreated. Project canceled until DH can get out there and exterminate the nasty things.

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MM, nice find! I really like it with the arrangement. Bet it will look better with your talent when/if you ever get to the greenery. I have one similar to that but it's gold. I like the white much better. Will be looking forward to see how you decorate it.

I'm also allergic to those nasty little things so can relate.


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That was a wonderful find. I loved the arrangement, but if it doesn't work with your colors then a redo definitely in order.
Punk, I agree, the white color is so nice. If I had a gold one (or silver or black, haha) I'd be grabbing the spray paint.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

OMGoodness...I LOVE that! What a great find and for $3...that's a steal!

Yay for you!!

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That's a neat find, and with your talent I'm sure you will make it fit this year's theme perfectly. Can't wait to see. Luvs

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A bargain for sure! ..are you really thinking Christmas? It is so hot ...I posted a 'snow' pic the other day on Facebook! LOL! Have fun, MM! Jeanne S.

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