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drewemApril 12, 2012

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has ever built a home with Toll Brothers? We have signed our Agreement of Sale, and I was just wondering what other's experiences have been? This isn't our first go around with new construction, but this is our first with them. Our last builder was HORRIABLE, they went 'bankrupt' after close, and we lost our warranty etc. Now they are 'back in business'. I did reseach prior also, but things happen. I don't think this will happen with Toll Brothers. We live in Pennsylvania.


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All I know about them is the trouble they got into in Massachusetts for building code violations.

Try googling "Home builder leaves a trail of bitter buyers"

I would not build a house without someone observing the work who worked for me. There's just too much money at risk.

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They are popular in the MD VA area. I grew up seeing Toll Brother neighborhoods all the time. That said, I don't have specifics, but I know they have been around for quite some time.

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They do not have a very good reputation for quality. It's all about the cheapness, pejorative intended.

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Did you google "Toll Brothers complaints"? Lots of info comes up that you might want to read.

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You don't think this will happen with them because you did zero research in advance. Good luck. You'll need it.

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One of Toll Brothers' most effective tactics is to claim that failure to meet the terms of their contract must go to arbitration instead of being prosecuted under state consumer fraud laws. You really don't have much protection against poor quality construction unless the local building inspector forces them to meet the building code which is what happened in MA much to the surprise of Toll Brothers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Riehl v. Toll Brothers

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Here is a blog about premium lot bait and switch tactics by Toll Brothers.

See the list of links to problems in the right margin.

Do not allow them to use any form of STUCCO on your house. In the past they have not only claimed that EIFS is real stucco but they sometimes use the same thin synthetic finish directly on the the sheathing and there have been many failures especially in Fairfax County, VA.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Truth About Toll Brothers

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Read the link if there is a mortgage involved.

Here is a link that might be useful: What can we do to protect ourselves from default with Toll Brothers?

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Personally and I realize it will cost more money, I would look into a local home builder. These type of developers build what are called track homes (slapped together using cheap labor and bare minimum in materials giving no regard for future renovations or expansion). The only caveat with these types of builders is a lot of times they own some of the best property to build on, but in my opinion they charge way too much for not enough quality!!!

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Thank you for your comments.

Yes MARCOLO, I have googled. Yes, I have checked BBB. Yes, I have done my research and homework. Yes, I do know what I am doing.

I was asking for Personal Experience with the builder. Did you build a Toll Brothers home? Did your sister? Your friend? Since this is a forum about building homes, I was looking for personal experience, not your opinion.

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Did you search the forum for Toll Brothers? It appears that if anyone on the forum has bought a Toll Brothers house, they have yet to mention it.

The opinion of others is about all there is here.

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Hi Dre,
We built a Toll home in 1997 without issues. It was a decent, beautiful home, great neighborhood, etc. The only issue is that they went over on the time due to a very harsh winter. I think they were about 6 weeks late on delivery.

There are a lot of Toll developments in our area right now. The homes are beautiful, but we are wanting to be really custom and they don't really built what we are looking for. For a lot of people, it's easier to go with a big builder and not have to worry about all the intricate details of custom building. So, it's got a lot of upside if you find a house you like with a big builder. With that said, you won't have the ability to be very specific about things and you are at the mercy of the quality of things they provide.

Yes, they have had issues over the years. We were just having a conversation with our custom builder about Toll homes. He said they have improved a lot.

Have you looked at custom options? You will probably find you can build custom for about the same price as Toll and will have more control, hopefully high quality, and infinite choices. Good luck!!!

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We built a Toll Bros. house 11 years ago. It was a beautiful home. It burned down last fall. Friends who do not live in Toll Bros. houses ask if Toll will build the new house. Those who do live in Toll houses know that there are better choices for quality. Happy to expand more offline...

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Wow, David and what is your position with Toll Brothers?

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millworkman...reread David's post. Hardly a ringing endorsement.

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I most surely do not work with or for Toll Brothers. We are re-building our Toll Brothers house, but we would not even consider having them do it (they wouldn't anyway - it's not their model).

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We have lived in a 1990 built Toll Bros house for 10 years. I REALLY miss my former 1960 built houses. Yes, the old houses were not as big but the quality you couldn't easily see (hardwood floors under carpet, floor joists 12" OC, etc) that was in the old houses but not the TB house. I have been shocked at the shortcuts I have found in my TB house as I have renovated over the years that seem to have been hidden from the inspector, assuming he ever looked in the house.

TB makes beautiful-looking houses, well designed to accomplish their main goal: selling houses for the least amount of money, quality be damned. When you realize there is insufficient storage, the shingles are substandard, there seem to be numerous taped electrical splices in the walls where a J box was too inconvenient, J boxes are buried behind walls, the contractor trees are the cheapest possible maples/Bradford pears, the front step footings are insufficient, etc, then you can appreciate the brilliance of their marketing. All that being said, I don't know what other big builders do. Maybe this is just the current state of the art. But I do miss my 1960 colonial. Those guys knew how to build houses!

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Hmm . . . wouldn't the time to ask this question have been BEFORE you signed the Agreement of Sale? I just don't see the point in doing the homework after you've made a commitment.

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Most people do not push for extra inspections (if they go at all). Ask for studs only, pre-dry wall electrical, and post dry wall inspection and take a building contractor you trust with you. It fires Toll up, but at the end of the day you hope to get a better house. Take a leel and camera also so you can document what you see. If studs are not straight, you'll pay for it later.

Good luck - we are in PA too.

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