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olivertwistkitchenMay 25, 2012

Is there a way to search for a fridge based on how much energy it requires? I want to use a fridge with that isn't an energy guzzler. It's not enough that it's "Energy Star". I know that top freezer models are the most energy efficient (e.g., 400-480 kwh per year to operate, which works out to about $40-$50 if you look at the energy guide). For the longest time, I ruled out sxs and French Door fridges for this reason. Now I came across the Maytag Ice2o EcoConserve line that has some French Doors that uses only 474 kwh per year ($50 estimated yearly operating cost).

So I'm wondering if there are other French Doors out there that might not be as bad as I thought, but I have no idea how to find them.

I'm still not convinced I like French Doors, there are a lot of drawbacks for me (including the bottom freezer; I'm short, I don't mind the fridge on the bottom). BUT, I am frustrated because all the top freezer models have a smaller capacity than so many of the French Door models.

So, anyone have any ideas how to find a low-energy using fridge? Does any website allow you to search using this feature? Does anyone have one they recommend that is truly energy efficient? TIA.

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How about the Energy Star site?

Here is a link that might be useful: Energy Star fridge search

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The ajmadison site lets you restrict your search to energy star fridges, but the energy star rating per se really doesn't mean much, since it only measures against what are considered "equivalent" fridges. So there are fairly efficient fridges out there that don't have energy star ratings at all, and some energy star fridges are still verging on power hog territory.

There's a single door bottom freezer version of the eco-conserve that's even more efficient than the French door model, and a couple of the Summit fridges are rebadged vestfrost from Denmark, which are also very efficient, but may be too small for you, depending on your use.

Not getting a larger fridge than you need will help energy use on any model--a full fridge/freezer uses less electricity than a half-empty one, usually.

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I don't trust Energy Star to give me accurate power ratings on a fridge any more than that gasoline-powered blender that got a good rating.

I don't always trust CR to know much of anything, but one thing they do is to measure the actual power used by fridges they test. And many E.S. fridges are hogs. This is because the vendor gets to set the conditions of the test. The LG FD fridges with icemaker in the door are notorious for using double the power given on the ES sticker.

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