miele vacuum is whistling!

gwaldMay 11, 2013

my miele pisces canister vacuum just started to whistle! I think it started after I changed the bag but I'm not sure. (It was a few weeks ago.) If I turn it on, it sounds ok, but after a several minutes, a whistle type sound starts up! Any ideas what this could be?

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It's happy you changed it's bag?!?

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Have you checked to see if something is stuck in the hose? Mine used to whistle when I picked up an errant Lego or a Kleenex that didn't quite make it all the way up the hose.

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yes - it turns out that it is happy that I changed the bag (I did a translation using google), but I couldn't find any obstruction. While examing the patient, I did see that the HEPA filter was 2 years old. I don't know if I accidentally unlcogged the hose or if the old filter caused that, but no more whistling!


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