Exterior color scheme

embemisApril 15, 2014

Past time for us to decide on the color of our metal roof! We are leaning towards silver with the hardiplank siding maybe a light light blue/green. ( possibly sw rainwashed) what do you think? We are not in a neighborhood, so there are no restrictions on color. This is quite a change from the original plan of black shingles, white Siding and black shutters. Please give your opinion and any other color suggestions!

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Different view

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I love the silver metal roof with rainwashed... it would have been one of my choices if we weren't limited on our colors so much. I love lake homes with silver (galvanized?) roofs... but white is always a lovely color too! I've never seen a white house I didn't like. ;)

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I got samples of every neutral metal color in the world, it seemed. Carried them around for months, held them at 45 degrees above a piece of wood painted BM Backwoods to mimic our siding. I like the color I ended up with, but honestly, it reflects the sky a lot, so it doesn't "read" the same color I thought I was picking out except from certain angles.

In the right setting, I do like the straight metallic colors. Also, look up Zactique, it is something in between a color and a pure metallic.

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Annie Deighnaugh

You might post in home decor...lots of color and decor advice there.

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