a little decorating, but picture heavy

PurplemoonJuly 2, 2012

I decided not to let this July 4th Holiday slip by, tho I did Memorial Day when I normally pull out my patriotic decor (and leave up till after the 4th.) But last week, I thought I should get some out, especially as I didn't do any last year at all. I'm kind of ashamed at doing so little, but figured its better than nothing. I only did the family-room fireplace and long kitchen counter. ;o(

Most of the stuff came from GW and Dollar Tree, and sales at Michaels, a few years ago. Uncle Sam is a Nutcracker. The darling boy and girl wood plaques were painted by our Luvs. And I really LUV them so much!

(and a tiny arrangement for Dad, he's was so very patriotic and served during 3 Wars. Spent 30 yrs in the Air Force).

By the way, not sure how many of you know, but Memorial Day was VERY memorial....my first great-grandchild arrived. Bransen Lake Emerson. He and his Mommy live in Ala, so I'm having to make do with lots of photos right now. But they'll be here Labor Day for 2 wks to visit! Yay! And back at Christmas!

Here he is at 1 month old now.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, what a special Memorial Day gift. Bransen sure is a cutie. Love your $th decor, but it can't compare with the Memorial Day picture.Did you make those two matching apocarthy jars. They are really pretty. You have gotten me addicted to jars.I have made 3 sets of three, one for me, then

dd seen it and wanted one, then when DGD saw her mother's she wanted some too.I have just used the Dollar Tree candle holders and the vases in different heights that I have found at the thrift stores. Dh helped me make the tops with cut out circles of wood and finales that also came from a thrift store last yr when he was making so many birdhouses and using them. I like your bottoms much better, I need to hunt for some candleholders that are bigger and more substancal. I painted mine with the black hammered paint. If I do any more, I may try something else/ TFS. Blessings, Janet

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Hooray, purplemoon! Your 4th of July decor is 'grand!' ...like our grand old flag that you've displayed! I, too, love the apothecary jars...& luv's painted plates...so cute!

I am esp lovin' the blue/white roosters on the flag placemat on your kitchen counter...plus all those lovely plates! I was @Hobby Lobby today & saw an Uncle Sam nutcracker & of course, who did I think of ...YOU! (30% off sale but I left it there)...bought a small 'God Bless America' pic frame instead.

I'm glad you're back to feeling like some decorating! Yay! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Janet, I bought those jars on the wood bases as a set some years ago, at Kirklands. Actually there were 3 of them but I broke one. :o( I have made a few with stuff from Dollar Tree tho. Easy and fun! But I never tried making wood tops for any, that's neat your DH could for yours! Thank you for the sweet words on our newest family addition. (I still can't believe I'm a great-grandmother now!!)

Jeanne, that resting blue/white rooster is really a piece I love. Found him on eBay quite some time ago. The other one is a cheapy I found at Home Goods I think, had him awhile too. I have a lovely blue rooster plate that sits behind them too, I'll get it out after I put the patriotic plates away.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, so good to see you decorating. You do such pretty arrangements and have "just the right stuff" to make it look special.

I've always loved those jars, so perfect for everyday and holidays. So what did you put inside? It looks great. The birdhouse is perfect as is the garland you used. The boy and girl look perfect together, so glad you like them. Now I'm wondering why I didn't paint myself a set too????? LOL

Great way to enjoy your collection of plates, and those roosters are gorgeous.

Your Dad certainly did more than his share of service to our country. He was a very special man, and I know you miss him so much.


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Oh I didn't mention the BEST ...that sweet baby Gr'child!!! You are blessed! Enjoy when they get to come back home! Jeanne S.

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Karen, you've done a great job decorating. Love all of it. Your plates Luvs painted are so cute and so is that nut cracker. The apothecary jars are so pretty. All the plates and chickens look so neat in the kitchen. Nice variety.

So nice you took time to make and take the arrangement for DD and DM. Bransen is precious and how nice you will be able to enjoy him Labor Day and again at Christmas.

You always do a wonderful job decorating and have so many neat things to display. Hope you have a wonderful 4th.


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Karen. I'm so glad you felt up to decorating. Everything looks wonderful.
The boy and girl plaques Luvs painted are adorable. I'd love to see a close up.
I really like your collection of plates
they look perfect displayed on your counter.
The chickens look great there too.
Bransen is beautiful. I bet you will spoil him like crazy when he comes to visit.
Thanks for sharing

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Luvs, you NEED to do yourself a set of the 'kids. They are too darn cute not to. (and there is another little girl pattern that looks like she'd be neat with them!)

Nana, I'd found them on the web and they are actually little patriotic graphics. I'd saved them thinking I might someday cut them out of wood since they are simple outlines.(tho obviously I'd do much larger and put them on my front porch.) Of course I didn't get around to it. So Luvs painted them for me on wood plaques as a b.d. gift one year. Here's a close-up for you...

hugs, Karen

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this little girl graphic is a cutie too

and here's the original graphics.....

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The other little girl is sure a cutie too and would go with the other two so well. Ahhh, someday I'll get back to painting again I hope. Luvs

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Marlene Kindred

What a great selection of patriotic decor! Love the cloche jars! And the two painted boy and girl from Luvs are wonderful! Really love the painted star and the plates in the kitchen too!

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Well, for "only" doing 2 areas, I'd say you did them up right!
You always amaze me when you say you just did a little bit and then, POW, here are all these amazing displays!!
You sure did a great job and glad you felt like doing it!

Those plaques by Luvs are such treasures and so much more meaningful because they were made by a friend!


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