Hardie Plank vs Certainteed

SweetFishApril 10, 2013

Does anyone have any feedback on the overall quality of Certainteed cement board compared to Hardie Plank?Certainteed has the color we like but I am nervous about deviating from the "name brand". I've searched the forums and found a few one off examples of bad experiences with Certainteed as well as with Hardie. My builder is telling me they are pretty much on par with each other.

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They are dam near identical. Certainteed is a well known name in the building material industry. There have been issues with both, but there are also issues with wood so consider the source.......

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IâÂÂve picked up samples for both. It seems that Certainteed are slightly lighter than the Hardie equivalent. IâÂÂm also told that the former contains/produces less Silica dust when cut. I doubt any siding company really takes this in mind when quoting a job, but the end result might be that it gets done quicker (less safety gear to deal with). I havenâÂÂt gotten a quote done up on the Certainteed as the Hardie Board âÂÂIron Greyâ color has grown on us, but supplier tells me it is the more expensive of the two.

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SweetFish - we are in the same sitaution - we like the Certainteed colors better. From what I have researched, I think they are probably equivalent products.

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I think I may be able to offer a little insight into this discussion to assist you with your decision. Certainteed and James Hardie fiber cement products are very different in terms of the way it is manufactured as well as longevity of the board. I run an exterior design company and have used both products on homes before. I personally will never use Certainteed again because the home we installed it on (perfectly to Certainteed's specs) had nothing but issues with their siding. Certainteed is made with fly ash as a filler. The fly ash allows the board to expand and contract on the wall. This can cause huge gaps and seams in the wall but when it expands can also cause the seams to burst too. Also the expanding and contracting causes the paint finish to wear out very quickly and has even caused major cracking the board itself. My company is about to start a project on a 3 year old house because their Certainteed siding has completely failed (the manufacturer is not offering much for warranty money either). The James Hardie material is not only the name brand but a far superior product as well. Their product is made to only expand and contract less than 1/16th of an inch, which means their paint finish will last longer as well as your board. Their paint finish carries a 15 year warranty as well and the board carries a 30 year non-prorated warranty meaning you will get the same amount of money from year 1 to year 30. I would be happy to answer any additional questions for you guys if anything comes up. My house has James Hardie on it though so that would be my choice no questions asked.

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I believe it to be a superior product to the other two.
We've had it up only one year but it looks great and sailed through hurricane Sandy. Our roof however did not.

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I went back and forth on this, as well. I didn't like Certainteed when I held samples in my hand as it felt flimsy, but I liked their colors. I was all set to go with Nichiha, but I fell in love with the Artisan boards from Hardie. So, that's what we settled on.

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My framer won't use certainties. He says he's done over 100 homes with Hardie and never been called back. He had an issue with a certainties home that shrunk and they blamed it on him not driving his nails fully or something like that. They paid to replace the siding after he tore it off but he's still pretty bitter over it since he still lost money. My lumber supplier also said they had too many call backs on it so they were steering people away from it.

Just what I've heard around here, I'm sure some folks can probably say the opposite.

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I also prefer the Nichiha. It has deeper embossed grain and was a bit cheaper last time I bought it.

Beware of factory finished (painted) siding. Even if you opt for the MUCH more expensive pre-finished trim, you will still need to putty and caulk. The color matches for these specialty products are usually not perfect and get much worse over time as the putty and caulk tend to collect dust and deteriorate quickly because they are not protected by latex paint.

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I just had my new construction sided and my siding guy says he wouldnt touch Hardie, he says they dont stand behind their product. I used Certainteed fiber cement shingles and LP Smartside siding.

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I've heard too many stories of failure with the Certainteed siding. One close friend had to have his whole house redone within a year of new construction due to cracked siding. I just finished our new home with Hardiplank Cedarmill Select siding. IMO it is superior to Certainteed and looks great. I would recommend NOT to get the pre-painted version though. The installation process will invariably result in nicks and scuffs. I went with the pre-primed and had it painted after installation. We are very happy with it so far but time will tell.

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I wouldn't trust either company to stand behind their warranty.

We used Certainteed 8 yrs ago. Cracking after 2 yrs. they replaced the cracked boards but not the labor. We still have the boards in storage and haven't decided if we will pay someone to replace them. Is it really worth it? And will it cause more damage than good? We caulked and painted the cracks, but are not happy with how they look.

I doubt that Hardi is any better from my research.

My dh refuses to use fiber cement again.

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